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Heavenly Helpers Series

Ascended Masters

Welcome to our next article in this series of Heavenly Helpers. 


Today, we want to highlight the Great White Brotherhood and the Ascended Masters.

The Great White Brotherhood

The Great White Brotherhood is a spiritual order.  The members of this order are referred to as Ascended Masters. They are beings of Light who have transcended the physical world that we are familiar with through the Path of the Ascension.  And they have ascended to the higher reality, the “eternal abode of the soul”.[i]

The name of the Great White Brotherhood also includes other beings of Light such as the angelic hosts and even certain adepts here on Earth that are as yet unascended.

Ascended masters.jpg

The Great White Brotherhood (GWB) is a spiritual order.  The members of this order are referred to as Ascended Masters.

In some of the writings from the past 100 or so years, the Great White Brotherhood is sometimes also referred to as the Universal Great White Brotherhood, the Great Brotherhood of Light, as well as the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth.


The use of the word “white” is in reference to the great Light embodied by the Ascended Masters, the aura or halo of white light that surrounds the members of the Brotherhood. “White” does not refer to ethnicity or race. [ii]

In the more familiar written Word of the Bible, the Great White Brotherhood is written of as the saints “robed in white."  You can find this reference in the Book of Revelation [Rev. 3:4, 5; 6:9_11; 7:9, 13, 14; 19:14.]

The Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters have emerged out of the spiritual traditions of East and West. Each has something uniquely compelling to teach us about everyday spirituality.

To understand who the Ascended Masters are, we can look to Jesus the Christ and learn to understand our joint heirship with Christ and our journey to also become Sons and Daughters of God.  Jesus the Christ gave us the blueprint or the road map on developing our own Christhood and following the Path to the Ascension, as he did.

Jesus demonstrated mastery over time and space, over the self in the material world, and this mastery is demonstrated to us through the miracles that he performed while he walked on earth.  Jesus applied the natural and divine laws that we all have access to when we learn to live in harmony with these laws.

Jesus also taught that what “man has done, man can do,” and for us that means we have the opportunity to do the same and similar works as Jesus, including gaining our own ascension.

Jesus also declared, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto the Father.” [John 14:12]

What Does This Mean for You and Me?

The Scriptures don’t provide a record saying that Jesus is the only one who has a right to divine sonship.


All sons and daughters of God have a divine spark, which is their potential to become a Christ within.  In this Scripture [John 14:12], Jesus is actually commanding us to go and do as he did—that we are to do the same works he did and even greater.  When we live in harmony with the natural laws and seek to serve our fellow brothers and sisters in life, then we have the opportunity to also accelerate and achieve our own ascension.  In other words, we can and are supposed to be following in the footsteps of not only Jesus, but also the other Masters of Wisdom who teach the way.

The Ascended Masters are our “way-showers.”  They have proven the natural laws of our Universe and as the teachers of humanity they have demonstrated for humanity a pathway - as Jesus demonstrated through the works he performed during his embodiment on earth.

They have mastered time and space and have gained mastery of and defeated what we refer to as the lower self.  This “lower self” is also known as the dweller or carnal mind.  As we learn more, we will have the opportunity to discover this “lower self” in more detail.  Through the right use of the free will we received when our souls were created, WE can also achieve mastery in time and space.

You can find more information about ten specific Ascended Masters HERE


Etheric Retreats

The Ascended Masters work with humanity through focuses of Light anchored around the planet and we refer to these focuses of light as etheric retreats.  The etheric retreats serve many purposes.  All of life is connected through a vast and complex filigree grid of light.  Within this grid of light, the etheric retreats appear as giant balls of light. 

They are the homes of the masters in the heaven-world. And they are places where our souls can go during sleep to study and learn from the Masters. Some of us awaken from sleep with memories of being in the retreats and can recall some of what we might have learned there.  You can learn where some of these retreats are located here


For a comprehensive and in-depth review of the Masters' retreats, go to the book The Masters and Their Retreats in our bookstore.  

The Great White Brotherhood has vowed to work with mankind and to reveal the true teachings of the law in an unobstructed delivery free of doctrine and limiting dogma and which can be assimilated by each individual wherever they are on their own spiritual path.

Today, we are entering into the Aquarian Age. And as Jesus is known as the Hierarch of the Piscean age, Saint Germain is recognized as the Hierarch of the Aquarian age. He is also known to us as the Chohan of the Seventh Ray.  The incoming Aquarian Age is also known as the Age of the Seventh Ray.  

We can consider the ascended masters as our dearest friends because that is exactly what they are.  All of us have some rights and some wrongs in our lives and we may feel that we're not worthy. God knows you personally and God in you and God in the whole Universe wants to bring YOU home.  And the ascended masters can and do show us the way because they have already walked the way.

So, enjoy getting to know more about Saint Germain this week.   Saint Germain is the Master Alchemist to help us in making the changes we want in our personal worlds!  And then work your way through learning about other ascended Masters.

End Notes

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Reference books: [visit our online Shop for these and other books]

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