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Heavenly Helpers Series


Those made of “God Stuff” to Help Us Here on Earth

Have you seen an angel?  Do you think that God has ever talked directly to you? Do you think God has ever sent you a message or answered your prayers in some way?  If so, how did God do it?  Most spiritual traditions, including the Bible, tell us that God uses angels to deliver some of his most important messages to mankind.[i]  (See this Endnote for examples in the New Testament.) 


The ascended masters teach that the angels are stepped-down fiery extensions of God’s being, created before man’s creation because God knew we would need heavenly helpers in the earth. 

These messengers often come to us directly from God in response to our individual needs and prayers.  Just as we might get someone to help with a child or ailing family member, even more gloriously, God has provided us with heavenly caretakers.  God has made provision for us to help us increase our effectiveness in doing mundane tasks, in doing the special things we sense we are uniquely fitted to do, and even in completing our unique mission in life.


“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” 
Psalm 91:11

So, have you ever seen an angel?  Do you remember your guardian angel or others talking about secret childhood playmates?  Parents, teachers or psychologists may have explained this through the individual’s imagination or other non-spiritual explanations.

However, you may have had one or more personal, real and very important, piercing angelic revelations which made you a believer in their guidance.  Each of us may see a very special sponsoring angel or even that part of our own higher self, what the Ascended Masters call our Holy Christ Self, who helps mediate God’s law and grace to us at different times throughout our life.  This is actually your guardian angel.  Perhaps you have been thinking you haven’t had such a heavenly encounter.  Think back over your life as you read this.  You might find yourself recalling experiences you consciously downplayed or dismissed previously.

While few things have enchanted humans throughout history as much as curiosity about angels, those who have seen or sensed an angel almost universally speak of how beautiful they are to look upon, or how almost magically “transported” they have felt in an angel’s presence.  Though they range in size and power, they almost universally fill a need and bring feelings of peace, security, and a sense of transcendence.  Women, men and children who have encountered an angel, especially an archangel, have no doubt in their minds that the very powerfully transforming energy they feel comes from other, more ethereal realms.  And you are much less likely to doubt or question with the human mind in the presence of such a noble and grand being.

There are tiers or classes of angels from the supremely grand archangels and the fiery seraphim, down to the tiniest cherubim.  Images of these various classes and groups of angels have been captured over time in Western classical images from Gustave Dore’s block prints to paintings of the little naked cherubs which have become so popular in home décor now.  You may sense the gentle caress of a baby angel.  You certainly know when you have been in the presence of an archangel.  Obviously, encounters with different classes of angels elicit different responses.  But if you have not had an “angel experience,” what counts for you is what you see, hear, know, or experience yourself.

The ascended masters describe angels as angles of God’s consciousness.  And the Archangels actually embody that Presence of the living God.  The presence of an Archangel at your side is the presence of Almighty God himself.  Here on this website, you can learn how to pray and actually call these Archangels and their legions of angels into action in your life and in the lives of the nations of planet Earth.

The Bible gives examples of the spiritual mind attuned to another Reality that gives greater knowledge of reality than the outer rational brain, or mechanisms associated with it.  Even animals sense an angelic presence, even if an overly-rationalizing human mind does not. 
[See Balaam’s donkey, Numbers 22:22-34.]

Those who have had such angelic other-worldly encounters often are drawn to share their existence, and the messages they have received.  Someone like Lorna Byrne openly states her mission to bring awareness and understanding of the presence of angels among us. You may find her encounters as described in her YouTube videos to be comforting and enlightening.[ii] 

There are so many stories, often of humble origins, which nevertheless cause thoughtful people to stop and consider.  For instance, in a class of 31 first graders, 28 daily saw and talked with angels for about a month in their classroom and elsewhere, sometimes directly contradicting the disbelief of adults around them.[iii]

And, in case you find yourself drawn to spread the message of angelic intercession, you might be interested to learn about the Archangel Michael’s Mission initiative of Spiritual Awareness Fellowship - click here  Archangel Michael is the special guardian of first responders, law enforcement and medical teams.


A particularly moving story from an actual battlefield experience of a U.S. Marine can be found here:  click here.

Another very special angel story is of Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. She was not just a poor, ignorant peasant girl!  She was capable of being the mother of Jesus because she was, and actually is an Archangel.  She was given this special assignment by the Heavenly Father after the passing of much time and a number of lifetimes where she learned how to encapsulate, hold, and envision the perfection in all creation.  She was able to hold that “Immaculate Concept” for Jesus to become the Christ, even at the foot of the cross.  And she continued to do so, enabling the early Christian dispensation to survive the conflicts of egos, misunderstandings between the disciples, and conflict between the “holy women” and the disciples.

Now she holds that same Immaculate Concept for each of us, for our individual victories, as she appears around the world in visitations and holds the vigil for us through intercessory prayer.  She came in 1972 through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet requesting that a New Age Rosary be given with an updated refrain, as follows: “Hail, Mary, full of Grace.  The Lord is with thee.  Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.  Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us, sons and daughters of God, now and at the hour of our victory over sin, disease, and death.”[iv] 

If we want such heavenly help, we need to seek contact through songs, prayers, decrees or calls, or meditations offering friendship to, and asking for reassurance from an angel guide or our guardian angel.  We can give these helpers specific assignments, from the very personal to very public world situations we see in the news, which otherwise can make us feel quite helpless.  We are asked repeatedly to pray for protection of the children and youth of the world as they are the most vulnerable among us.  We can ask for personal and planetary healing.  And we also can ask for help with jobs and with family members too.

To do this and get results, we need to develop a listening ear, cultivating more silence and meditation in what otherwise can be such a noisy existence that there seems to be no room for inner listening.  We also must listen with our hearts, beyond just what the outer mind suggests or sees in a situation. Make it a point to listen to your soul, listening to your feelings and especially to your gut reactions to people and situations.  Often our angels give a particular message to our soul only once, but it is very soft and clear if we do not ignore it or drown it out.  Elizabeth Clare Prophet stressed we must listen to our soul, to our Holy Christ Self, and to our angels through prayer and meditation if we would be on the path toward our ascension.[v]  In other words, we must tune into the right wavelength so, as St. Paul said, we are “not forgetful to entertain angels unawares.”  [ Hebrews 13:2]

Because mankind has not known, and also has been forgetful, there are actually multitudes of unemployed angels sitting on hillsides for millennia, waiting—waiting for us to pray—to make the Call to them.  How can this be when clearly the earth needs so much heavenly help?  The answer—free will.  God gave us free will, and God does not break his own laws.  He gave us free will in the earth, and we must ask for, and then must command God’s obedient angels.  Otherwise they are not allowed to act by cosmic law.

So let’s call them to their duty and their joy to help us!  A petition or command as simple as “Archangel Michael, help me, help me, help me” works.  We can also be in dialogue with angels.  This is especially important as we attune to our own Holy Christ Self/guardian angel.  That which is of God, the “God stuff” in each of these heavenly helpers delights in mirroring back to us the beauty, transcendence and joyful support we consciously need from heavenly realms at any given moment.

And did you know that there are angels assigned to each day of the week, tasked with the job of highlighting the specific quality of God to the earth for that day?  Angels stand at the place where energies cross over between heaven and earth.  We have the magnificent opportunity to call daily to a different archangel who stands before God in the Great Central Sun and brings to earth a flaming sphere of that God quality with the Sun’s first light.  We are instructed:

“Chelas [disciples] of the sacred fire, in this hour of compelling victory when victory’s light surges from within and demands an outlet for the flow of love, I say respond to the call from within.  Respond to the mandate of the inner law of your being to be the fullness of the Christ—God-victorious, love enthroned— …while Father-Mother God ensconced in living flame cradle the Christ Child of their heart’s oneness.  And the fusion of that fire is for the mastery of the Christ consciousness.”[vi]

That’s quite an opportunity!

 In addition to those we may never see, there are actually some angels among us in physical form who are here to help us make it back home to God through the ascension.  So, we have many angelic heavenly helpers to aid us in all sorts of ways.  They support us in challenging situations and befriend us at any and all times.  And they are there to help us out of our bodies even at the end of life.  We are never left alone even as we pass over, just as they were there for us when we entered this lifetime.

Thank you, Father/Mother God, for all these angel helpers throughout our lifetime!

End Notes

[i] Angels in Scripture in the New Testament of the Bible

Luke 1:11-19:  Angel of the Lord appears to Zacharias announcing that his wife, Elizabeth, will bear a son.  The angel identifies himself as Gabriel. 

Luke 1:26-35:  The angel Gabriel appears to Mary—the Annunciation. 

Matt. 1:20:  The angel of the Lord appears to Joseph in a dream telling him to fear not to take Mary as his wife. 

Luke 2:8-14:  The angel of the Lord appears and speaks to the shepherds, announcing the birth of the Saviour. They see a multitude of the heavenly host. 

Matt. 2:13, 19:  Angel of the Lord appears to Joseph in a dream saying he should take Mary and the young child and flee to Egypt.  After Herods' death, an angel appears to Joseph in a dream 

again telling him to return to Israel. 

Matt. 4:11:  After Jesus' temptation by the devil in the wilderness, angels come and minister unto him. 

Matt. 13:30, 39, 41, 42:  Parable of the tares among the wheat--the angels are the reapers.

Luke 22:43:  Jesus in Gethsemane is strengthened by an angel from heaven. 

Luke 24:4-7:  Two "men" in shining garments speak to the women at the tomb. 

Acts 1:10-11:  Two "men" in white apparel appear at Jesus' ascension. 

Acts 5:18-20:  The apostles were put in prison but "the angel of the Lord by night opened the prison doors, and brought them forth." 

Acts 8:26:  The angel of the Lord directs to Philip to go South toward Gaza. 


[ii] Lorna Byrne: The Lady Who Sees Angels (Documentary):  Youtube - Lorna Byrne-Living a Life with Angels


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