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Seven Archangels


Archangel Michael is the archangel of the First Ray, which vibrates the color blue.  The qualities of the First Ray are protection, faith and the will of God.  He is also known as the Prince of the Archangels and of the Angelic Hosts, and is the Defender of the Faith.  His divine complement is Faith.

He is our protector and does war with negative forces.  Archangel Michael is revered among all angels in Jewish, Christian and Islamic scriptures and tradition.


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Jophiel is the archangel of the Second Ray, which vibrates the color yellow.  The qualities of the Second Ray are wisdom and illumination.  He, along with his divine complement, Christine, serve with the World Teachers, Jesus and Kuthumi, to illumine mankind and teach cosmic law.  The name Jophiel means “beauty of God.”


Together they amplify the Christ consciousness within the three kingdoms of angels, elementals and men.  Jophiel and Christine and the angels of wisdom teach you how to contact your Higher Self. 


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Chamuel is the archangel of the Third Ray, which vibrates the color pink.  The qualities of Third Ray are divine love, selflessness, beauty, comfort, grace and creativity.  ​ His name means “he who seeks God."


Along with his divine complement, Charity, and the pink-flame angels, they serve to expand the flame of adoration and divine love within the hearts of men.   The focus of their instruction is the maintaining the joy of Christ and the appropriate use of God's creative powers. 



Gabriel is the archangel of the Fourth Ray of the resurrection and the ascension flames, which vibrates the color white.  The qualities of the Fourth Ray are purity, perfection, self-discipline, morality, hope, spiritual bliss, life, law, order and divine architecture.  

Along with his divine complement, Hope, and together with the seraphim angels and angels of purity, they guard what is called the immaculate concept of the God-design for every person on the planet.  

Gabriel is the Angel of Annunciation who greeted Mary to announce to her that she would give birth to Jesus.  Gabriel also brings to each mother-to-be the announcement of the coming of the potential Christ she is preparing to receive. 

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Archangel Raphael is the archangel of the Fifth Ray, which vibrates the color green.  The qualities of the Fifth Ray are truth, wholeness, healing, science, precipitation, the abundant life, music and mathematics. His divine complement is Mary, who was embodied as Mary, the Mother of Jesus. 

Archangel Raphael and Mary also teach the science of the immaculate concept, which is practiced by every angel in heaven.  That is, when angel looks upon you, they see you in the purity as you were when God first created you. This is the pattern they hold over you.  

So for us, holding the immaculate concept means that when you think of someone, you see them in the perfection you know God gave to them in the beginning rather than engage in critical evaluation of the human. 


Uriel is the archangel of the Sixth Ray that vibrates the colors purple and gold.  The qualities of the Sixth Ray are peace, ministration and service, brotherhood, harmlessness and family life founded in Christ.​  The name Uriel means “fire of God,” “flame of God” or “God is my light.”

Together with his divine complement, Aurora, they guard the dawn of the Christ consciousness in mankind.  They also keep the flame of peace for mankind until they are able to invoke it for themselves. They prepare the way for the unfoldment of the light of God within each soul, and embody the peace and brotherhood of God.  They minister to all life.

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Zadkiel is the archangel of the Seventh Ray that vibrates the violet color.  Along with his divine complement, Amethyst, they embody God’s freedom, alchemy, transmutation, forgiveness and justice.  The name Zadkiel means “righteousness of God.”

Additional qualities of the Seventh Ray are justice, mercy, forgiveness, liberty, diplomacy, tact, prophecy, ritual and invocation of the sacred fire.

Zadkiel and Amethyst help secure our individual freedom, which we can then use to free our households, our cities, our nations, and our planet.  Our negative karma is the main obstacle to our freedom, which we can transmute with decrees to the violet flame.  We can also balance our karma by sending forth divine love and compassion and calling upon the law of mercy and forgiveness.

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