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saint germain

More About the Amazing Master Saint Germain

Saint Germain, the ascended master for the dawning Aquarian Age, brings us the gift of the violet flame of freedom, justice, mercy, alchemy, and sacred ritual. He first introduced the violet ray, or violet flame, in the early 1920’s to Guy Ballard who later founded the I AM Movement. His teachings were continued by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet through The Summit Lighthouse.

Saint Germain is also known as the “Wonderman of Europe,” the miraculous gentleman known as the Count of Saint Germain who moved within the courts of  Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries.

As the Count of Saint Germain, he was an ascended master who returned to earth in a physical body to further assist mankind. He was an accomplished alchemist, poet, musician, scholar and diplomat, who was admired throughout the courts of Europe.  He demonstrated his ability to remove flaws in diamonds and other precious stones, and to write a letter with one hand while composing a song with the other. Voltaire described him as the “man who never dies and who knows everything.”


Picture of Saint Germain painted by Charles Sindelar who said Saint Germain appeared to him and posed for him to paint his picture.


He is known as a diplomat and expresses the qualities of the Seventh Ray of dignity, grace, gentility, poise and true statesmanship.   He is a member of the House of Rakoczy, founded by the Great Divine Director, in whose Transylvanian mansion the violet flame of freedom is presently enshrined.  The name of Saint Germain, with its origins from the Latin Sanctus Germainus, means "Holy Brother."

Saint Germain is the Chohan of the Seventh Ray.  His divine complement is the ascended lady master Portia, the Goddess of Justice.  Saint Germain is the sponsor of the flame of Freedom and Portia is the sponsor of the flame of Justice. 

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