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Heavenly Helpers Series


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Welcome to our next installation on Heavenly Helpers as we explore spiritual insights on elemental life in our world!  Though they have a lesser stature than the angels, the elementals are very closely linked with God and God’s works.  In Scripture, Hebrews 2:7, we find it written that man was made a little lower than the angels, crowned with glory and honor and was appointed over the works of God’s hands.

While the elementals are a little farther down the ladder of hierarchy, we consider them as our heavenly helpers just as the angels are.  And God has given us the authority and the opportunity through the power and the Science of the Spoken Word to call upon the angels and the elementals to perform those things they can do that are in accordance with God’s Will.   

Perhaps we think less often about elementals because they are not usually visible to mortal sight although on rare occasions, they have become so. Angels remain largely invisible to man also, however their existence, sightings and abilities to help us are better known to us at the present time than the works of the elementals. 

The elementals range in physical stature all the way from being a little shorter than the nail on your little finger to being as tall as some of the great giant redwood trees.  We normally are more interested in learning what the elementals do, so that’s what we are going to examine today. 

The elementals are very much a part of God.  We need to realize that God in manifestation is vast and so we find the divine hierarchy of life to be divided and subdivided while yet remaining completely unified.

This may sound a little strange at first, but it's not so strange at all if you stop to realize that Almighty God or his angels do not actually physically perform all the functions needed here on earth.  For instance, it would be a pretty big job to come to earth to paint each little flower or plant--all the tulips, daffodils and roses.  Perhaps it's a little too small for the great Lord himself to do, even though it's a very important thing for all of us.  And the same is true of the nature, qualities and colors of a carrot, a grape, a beet or a tomato.  And so He created elemental life for these purposes.

We couldn't be here in our physical forms if our bodies were not nourished and sustained.  If there were no vegetables or fruits on the planet, where would we be?  So we realize the value of healthy foods.  Some people have the idea that these things were simply created and that God put all of these qualities in the land and in the sea for the continuation and sustainment of nature and that nature manages to just go on automatically—just growing on its own, and that’s all there is to it.

Well, it isn't quite that automatic because we know that if we go away on a trip or vacation, and we have a beautiful front lawn, many types of grass will just keep growing—like our hair.  And when we get back, we will have to cut and trim the grass because it's probably two or three inches higher than when we left.

We learn that all of nature requires attention if it's going to be modified, refined or shaped for better use by us.  And the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of God, and the kingdom of nature are no exceptions.  So the function of the elementals is the sustaining intelligence behind every manifestation.  If you have a blue bell or a buttercup or a forget-me-not or any other kind of flower, there is a pattern for that specific flower or fruit which originally came forth from the mind of God.  This is a blueprint, a pattern, a divine idea and this divine idea is given to an elemental.

That elemental then sustains in consciousness the image of the forget-me-not and oversees the creation of that flower each season.  There are billions and quadrillions, or a number beyond our imagination, of elementals.  And the service of these elementals is tremendous!

Now the Irish are reputed to have a certain familiarity with elementals, who they also refer to as the “little people.”  And they have developed a folklore of interesting and illuminating stories about the “little people” that are worth paying attention to.  It is important to recognize that elementals play their roles everywhere upon the planet and are found among all of us, no matter where we live.

The Messenger Mark L. Prophet, once commented that Walt Disney, the famous film creator, had a very good conception of elementals and managed to convey the idea of elemental life very well in such works as “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and “Fantasia.”  He created many beautiful scenes that conveyed something of the nature of elemental life.

The functions of the elementals are essential and humble.  In practical terms, they might be performing tasks that may be thought of as somewhat analogous to that of the garbage collector, the street sweeper or the mother who takes care of every little detail of shopping, cleaning and preparing the meals for her family.  All of these are necessary functions, even though they could be considered as menial, humble tasks by many.  They are profound but often without reward or recognition on the part of mankind.  The elementals’ tasks tend to be like that.  They are humble, common and often without reward or recognition on our part.  Nevertheless the functions of the elementals are essential and important whether they're recognized by mankind or not.

While it’s true that God made man in the image of God, we also acknowledge that the elementals are also a perfect creation of God.  And their function is to act for this great executive mind, this great creative mind of God and perform those functional positions in the hierarchy of nature.  And nature is divided and subdivided again and again.  So it is important that we recognize that even though most of us cannot physically see elemental life, many invisible things exist that are not seen because they're simply out of range.

Imagine that you live on a farm somewhere and you go out your front door, get in your car and drive down a long road. You could get so far away that when you look back, the house would not be visible.  But would it be invisible?  No, it would simply be out of range.  And this is exactly what we have when we think about elementals.  They are not actually invisible; they're out of the range of ordinary human sight.  And so, it is possible to see elementals if we know how to refocus our consciousness and our eyes and other faculties that we have which are spiritual in nature.

There are four distinct types of elementals.  There are the earth elementals (usually known as elves and gnomes), the elemental beings of the air (called sylphs), the elemental beings of the water (called undines), and the elemental beings of the fire plane (called salamanders).  

Saint Germain, in his knowledge and mastery of alchemy, along with many other masters, have employed the elementals to do their bidding for good—for God.  Unfortunately, the so-called black magicians have also ensnared parts of elemental life and taken advantage of them in their service of darkness.

So the elementals are creations who quickly pick up ideas from mankind and imitate them, much like our children do. And we must make time to pray for, to instruct and guide them somewhat similar to what we must do for our children. Along with being great imitators and having wondrous gifts and services to impart to life, they have also tried to assist mankind and do the things they felt mankind wanted them to do.

However, when mankind expresses hateful energies, the elementals may also take that in even though it's not their nature. So they sit and frown and puzzle over it.  And some of the precious gnomes of the earth may even get hunchbacked carrying the weight of it.  And after they've carried it for a while, through the long years of history, the elementals reach a point of saturation where they can no longer endure the weight of mankind's negative thoughts and energies that were pressed upon them, and some of which they carried out.  

The ways in which these heavy vibratory actions are shrugged off by elemental life are through earth changes or what we might call planetary cataclysms—earthquakes, tornados or hurricanes—some type of energetic release or action that has occurred because nature, in the form of elemental life, can no longer bear it.  And they have to finally refuse to accept the weight that mankind has created and thrust upon them through our ill will, hatred and abuse even of the planetary home itself.

The little elves that work in the earth with the gnomes, are very merry, sprightly, glad and happy. They are fast and capable of executing leaps quite high from the ground.  Almost all the ballet movements that are used by ballerinas, are borrowed from the movements of the "little people," including the swift executions of pirouettes, how they turn around and how they leap into the air. Men and women do this on stage and in the movies. These movements take years of training by mankind but they are quite natural to the elementals. The gnomes and fairies can leap for joy and they do so as they form their circles in the grass and as they dance and frolic with great delight.

And sometimes the angels orchestrate for them.  The Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg captures the frenzied activity of the elementals very well.  If you want to hear elemental life in music, listen to Grieg's “The Hall of the Mountain King," and you will get something of a feeling for that.

We would all be in a sad position today if it were not for the elementals.  It would be like the sun went out because the process of photosynthesis in nature would not be executed properly without the group cooperation and assistance of the various elementals. This is a responsibility and power that God has vested them with, and if they ever stopped using it, mankind would be in trouble because we all depend upon the smooth and reliable operation of these sorts of natural processes, as we are a part of the great mandala of life evolving upon this planet.

Some elementals are more advanced than others and they can expand in consciousness just as we can and are expected to expand in consciousness.  As we grow in our studies, we learn that we don’t have to be subject to all the controls of this physical body.  Our true reality is personified in the threefold flame in our hearts which we will explore more elsewhere. 

It’s important to know that the Earth and life upon it cannot exist without the sacred work of the elementals.  Without their work and cooperation, we would not have a physical platform to live on, a place to work out our karma and to grow spiritually. 

So how can we work with the elementals toward the goal of the ascension, for ourselves, for all of life and for the very planet itself?

The ascended masters’ teachings show us how to narrow the gap between the self-awareness of a human consciousness and the self-awareness of a Christ consciousness.  They provide those teachings whereby we put off the old man and put on the new.  And a most important KEY to increasing this consciousness is the Science of the Spoken Word. [Click HERE to learn more about the Science of the Spoken Word, along with Meditation and Communion]

The Science of the Spoken Word has been practiced in every religion.  Every adoration that man has had of God throughout the ages has attempted to verbalize this adoration. In the beginning, God commanded “Let there be Light!” and there was Light.  By the exercise of the Word, we see the cause behind the effect.  And when we intone the Word in prayers to God and to the ascended ones who have become one with God, we become extensions of the Word in action here and now.

Jesus the Christ, demonstrated this for us throughout his lifetime.  And his life is the archetypal model for all on the Path of the Ascension.  Jesus the Christ demonstrated how to command the angels and the elementals to do the works and Will of God.  And it is the Christ of Jesus that had the authority to direct and even command the angels and elementals. 

Christ means “anointed one.” The Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaches that Jesus was the one anointed with the Light of God.   And Jesus the Christ is the one who came to show us the way of our own anointing by intoning or invoking the spoken Word.  The Christ is the Real Self that is the core component of our identity, too.  That Christ who declared, "I AM the Light of the World," is the Light of each individual's world.  And as we choose to affirm it, the same Christ who was in Christ Jesus can become the Christ consciousness expanding in us. 

The Apostle John said, “The Word was God.” The Word that was and is and ever will be God is also called the sacred fire.  And that's what the science of the spoken word is all about.  It's the sacred fire that descends out of heaven when we sound the sacred Word. 

So one very important way we can work with the elementals is with our words—prayers, mantras, chants, affirmations, invocations and decrees.  Jesus made continual petitions, prayers and invocations to God.  He always concluded them with the statement, "Nevertheless not my will but thine be done."  This turns over to the Presence of God within you the authority to correct these calls or invocations which may not be in keeping with the will of God.

An invocation is a call—a call for action.  We understand when we give a call, in any of these forms of the spoken word, that it is God in us who is making the call.  In other words, God is invoking, God is the invocation itself and God is the answer or the return current of energy in answer to the invocation.  

One of the best known stories in the Bible of Jesus demonstrating his Christ authority over the elements of nature is in Matthew 8:23-27.  Here we find Jesus in a ship with his disciples when a storm comes up. The disciples are afraid they will perish and Jesus first rebuked the disciples for their lack of faith, and then he rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm.  This is one of a series of reports in Scripture about Jesus’ authority over many things, including sickness, demons, sin and even death.

The ascended master Jesus Christ commanded, “Peace, be still!” And he taught that this mantra has millions of years of momentum of the command of the Lord.  When we recite this mantra in Jesus’ name, and give it as a perpetual prayer, we can experience, as did his apostles, that even the devils will be subject unto the authority of the Christ Presence we are developing within us.

We ask the Lord to go before us and then we can command the spirits of nature and the angelic host to be enlisted in our service.  We can meditate upon God and then say with deep devotion and love and conviction:

            In the name of Jesus Christ,

            Peace, be still!”

            Peace, be still!”

            Peace, be still!”


We can give this mantra into a raging storm, into a fire spreading out of control, into our own emotions of anger or frustration, into the negative energies of a child having a tantrum, into an illness warring with our bodies, into warfare within families, between families and between nations and many other conditions we find in our lives.  The Lord is the victor in the battle.

The Violet Flame is one of the greatest gifts and tools we have for assisting mankind and elemental life.  While the Violet Flame was known to adepts in the past, it was not revealed to the masses until the twentieth century by the Ascended Master Saint Germain. Elizabeth Clare Prophet says, “The violet flame is more than violet light. It is an invisible spiritual energy that appears violet to those who have developed their spiritual vision…The violet flame has many purposes.  It revitalizes and invigorates us.  It can heal emotional and even physical problems, improve relationships and make life easier…changes negative energy into positive energy…I call it the highest gift of God to the universe.  I think you will agree once you try it for yourself.”

The invocation AND visualization of the Violet Flame can be used to heal body, mind and soul, to transmute or dissolve records of past lives, to balance individual, national and planetary karma, and to assist elemental life as they do their work on our planetary home.

You can learn more about the Violet Flame and how to use it in mantras, prayers and decrees at this LINK, and also in the book Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind & Soul in our online Shop.

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