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Sacred Ritual for Creating the Cloud

Practical alchemy for personal and planetary transformation

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Saint Germain is known far and wide throughout cosmos as the Master Alchemist. He comes to impart to us the highest understanding of the mysteries of God through the mastery of “spiritual alchemy”―the science of self-transformation. This sacred science enables us to access the universal light, and draw forth a greater measure of cosmic energy and to qualify this energy correctly.

It is the science of the mystic and it is the forte of the self-realized man and woman.  If we are going to bring in the Golden Age, then a new man, a new woman must emerge from society:  A golden man! A golden woman! For the golden age!  

This newly resurrected man and woman—in whom the Christ consciousness is born—is changed in the twinkling of an eye by the spiritual science of alchemy.

As you purify your consciousness and motive, this divine alchemy will allow you to access the infinite energy of God present everywhere in cosmos; creating nobility and virtue in your soul.

This is you! You being forged as the Master Alchemist!

This newly resurrected man and woman—in whom Christ is born, in whom there is a transfiguring glory—is resurrected by the power of change, by the science of divine alchemy, which is used to create nobility in the soul and virtue everywhere. It produces a change in self that will bring man and woman closer to their Real Image.

The Master Alchemist holds each day as a chalice of opportunity to live free and to make all free.


Prepare… As you are about to learn the process of creation. This information will assist you to create a Cloud of Infinite Energy from the enormous power of God stored at every point in space, waiting to be invoked. Saint Germain teaches us how to magnetize millions of “focal points of light” into a brilliant pulsating “cloud of infinite energy” that can be directed into personal and planetary problems. 

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