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Sanat Kumara:
The One Who Came Before

An essay by Rev. Linda F. Czaplinski

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Copyright ©The Summit Lighthouse

In this day as we ponder the lives, works and missions of the Saints who have gone before us there is not one that does not know of the mission of love undertaken by our Beloved Jesus, the Christ. We lovingly, gratefully, call him Savior for he came to show us the way back to the heart of God.

As surely as Jesus left us the blueprint of our own attainment his mission would never have been were it not for a less publicized, equally loving Soul of Light. Another Savior preceded Jesus by millions of years to save not only the souls of Earth from the second death but the very planet itself. The one who came before is Sanat Kumara.

We are all acquainted with Sanat Kumara, most of us know him as the Ancient of Days.

We meet Him in the Book of Daniel “…I kept looking and then thrones were set in place and one ancient in years took his seat. His robe was white as snow and the hair of his head like the cleanest wool.”

In Kabbalah “His throne was like the fiery flame and the Ancient of Days sat upon His throne – the world would not be able to live before that throne. The wheels are burning fire.”

And in the Book of the Revelation of John “…one like the Son of Man robed down to his feet with a golden girdle around his breast. The hair of his head was white as snow white wool and his eyes flamed like fire…his face shown like the sun in full strength. …”I am the first and the last, I am the living one.”

There are many references to him in ancient texts but little written about the dispensation granted him on behalf of Earth and her people. Here we share the story of his mission and of the disciples that came with Him.

Sanat Kumara and the One Hundred and Forty Four Thousand

Earth had entered a death spiral. The ways of man had become so dark that there was not a single soul anywhere tending the threefold flame of life at the altar in the heart. All had turned their backs to God. Man’s purpose, to be living temples of God on Terra, had been willfully abandoned. The threefold flame of the Trinity no longer burned within the heart and neither was there any light left in the Chakras.

Earth had become known as “The Dark Star.” By this time the axis of Earth was bent to 450 . Any further bending would prove disastrous for the planet. Conditions were so bad that the Elementals had declared the intention to withdraw their gifts. They would no longer offer their services to an inharmonious and ungrateful planet.

Imagine the devastation and suffering that would ensue across the planet if the nature spirits completely withdrew.

The one hundred forty-four members of the Cosmic Council agreed unanimously upon the consequence of Man’s deliberate separation from God: Earth and her evolutions would pass through the second death. They would cease to be. By passing through the Sacred Fire (the Violet Transmuting Flame) all negative energies could be purified. 

There was only one path to salvation. Out of heaven there must be a volunteer, one

deemed worthy by our Most High God, to be present in the physical to hold the

balance and keep the flame of life for all of life. The one could carry the burden

for the many – but only for a cycle. If at the end of the appointed time the people

have not changed their ways the second death would be meted out. That volunteer

was the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara.

Now, Sanat Kumara was not without his own work when stepping forward for this

mission. He is a Master of great rank and attainment. He and his twin flame, the

Lady Master Venus, rule the planet Venus. He had just volunteered to leave behind

his own twin flame, his home and his chelas.

Though Sanat Kumara and Venus were grateful that the Council had accepted his

offer to serve each knew that Sanat Kumara would be in exile, alone, for a very,

very long time.

And it was not only him that would be affected. In his absence it would be necessary

for Venus to also take on Sanat Kumara’s role in the guidance of the planet Venus.

Without Venus stepping forth to assume Sanat Kumara’s responsibilities he would

be unable to come. It was a bittersweet moment for both.

Word of this dispensation spread quickly on Venus and great throngs were now assembling. There was a message for Sanat Kumara. He would not be alone after all. So great was their love for their Cosmic Father that one hundred forty-four thousand of his children, his chelas, had chosen to share this mission with Him. These same souls are those we know in the Bible by several names. We read of the One Hundred Forty and Four Thousand, the Twelve Tribes, The House of Israel.

Preparing the Way

After rejoicing at this generous dispensation and the sacrifice of so many souls of light came the time for preparation. A group would precede Sanat Kumara and the greater number of his followers to make ready a place on Earth, a home for the Great Light which was to come. These pioneers would mirror Venus’ Shamballa on Earth. It would be built with the finest materials Earth had to offer. Shamballa lay in what is now the Gobi Desert.

At the time of construction the area was an inland sea. In the center was White Island, the setting for this beautiful jewel. It took almost 900 years to complete Shamballa. These disciples were now subject to earthly law, they were bound to the cycles of birth and death. There were times that their entire numbers were wiped out by the dark souls on earth causing their sacred labor to cease for a while.

At last all was ready. What a stark contrast between the warm and loving Bon Voyage on Venus and the almost barren welcome on Earth. While on Venus there was a gathering of the multitudes, the singing of hymns and loving farewells to the Great Lord and his disciples, Earth was near still.

The small band that had come ahead of the great entourage waited anxiously. All of nature fell silent and the souls of the people were briefly stilled as they felt this Great Majesty of Light enter Earth’s atmosphere and slowly descend into his Earthly home. His vibration was felt through all planes – etheric, mental, emotional and physical.  Hope sprang to life.

“As the immortal threefold flame of eternal truth was drawn forth by Sanat Kumara upon the altar in the temple and as tiny threads of light from this threefold flame began to flow into every heart of the ten billion souls belonging to Earth’s evolutions (in and out of embodiment at that time) the crisis passed, the birds sang again, the souls of men were renewed in courage and strength, the seas again swept in rhythmic tide, the nature kingdom expressed itself in hosannas according to its kind.”1

How Far Earth Has Come

It was clear to Sanat Kumara that in order to radiate the light that would save Earth from the second death there had to be a means of training for Earth’s children. Thus was founded The Great White Brotherhood.2 White refers not to race but to the spiritual order dedicated to educating these souls allowing them through their attainment to become members, hold office and accept the responsibility of moving Earth to freedom.

As we knew from the beginning this would be a long time away for the Ancient of Days. We still see evil but good shines through and certainly, as bad as things sometimes seem, there is some light. So where are we and how much longer will this loving soul be tied to this stumbling planet?

In the last part of the 20th century the Brotherhood informed us that there was sufficient commitment of souls to work for the expansion of light to release Sanat Kumara to return home. The Ascended Master Gautama Buddha had prepared to hold the office of Lord of the World and Lord Maitreya, office of The Buddha. Yet Sanat Kumara remains. His love for the children of Earth is such that he comes frequently out of that love but there is another commitment which keeps him close.

When the 144,000 volunteered to join in his mission he promised that he would not return to Venus without every last one of the children of the House of Israel. Many of these children were unable to maintain the high vibration they came with.

Having become part of Earthly cycles where the portal of birth closes the vivid memories of the etheric octaves these souls of light fell to mortal traps, sin if you will, creating negative karma thus further binding them to Earth as they work to once again expand their light just as they came to teach those same lessons to the children of Earth.

They cannot return to Venus until they transcend this lower vibratory state. We need only to read the Old Testament to know the alternating cycles of expanding light and willful disobedience on the part of these light-bearers from Venus.

As Sanat Kumara created a covenant with his children thousands of years ago, he has renewed this covenant calling his children to walk the Path of the Ascension back to his heart, back to their home, Venus.

     “…they forsook the fount of living waters…and served a strange god in their land…Yet notwithstanding all this, Thou didst not reject the seed of Jacob, neither didst Thou cast away Israel to destruction, breaking Thy Covenant with them. For Thou alone art a living God and there is none beside Thee. Thou didst remember Thy Covenant, Thou who didst rescue us in the presence of all nations, and didst not forsake us amid the nations. Thou wert gracious towards Thy people Israel in all the lands to which Thou didst banish them, that they might remember to return to Thee and to hearken to Thy voice according to all Thou hadst commanded by the hand of Moses Thy servant.”

Oh! Children of Israel will you hearken to the voice of your Father, your Lord? You have tarried long, too long and it is time to go home. Take up now the banner, put on the mantle of your Christhood and set a course faithful and true.

Follow the Star


Copyright ©The Summit Lighthouse

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