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Who Are the Ascended Masters?


Ascended masters are like you and me in that we all descended into the physical world from the same Source.  We have lived on earth, and we are all ascending back to our Source.  The difference, of course, is that those we call ascended masters have completed their journeys, and we are still here. 

And whether we consciously know it or not, our soul’s destiny is to return permanently to the I AM that I AM.  And that reunion is called the Ascension.  Thus, the term ascended master.

And many have ascended after mastering time and space and mastering the constructive use of the energy from their I AM God Presence that sustains them here on earth. 

These masters dwell in higher dimensions, from which some reach back to help us achieve that same victory.  They also are instrumental in helping us reclaim the earth for the light, and help us usher in the Aquarian Age, which is meant to be a Golden Age. 

It’s important to note also that people have ascended from all races, religions, and cultures of the world.  The spiritual path back to God is not exclusive to any organization or religion. 

It is a result of the individual’s right use of energy to create constructively in the matter world, which includes balancing (what in the East is called karma and in the West is called sin) destructive uses of energy that may have occurred during various embodiments.

It is also a result of fulfilling one’s reason for being, our individual divine purpose.  We each have a unique blueprint that we are meant to manifest in the physical world.

An important distinction is that Ascended Masters are different from other inter-dimensional beings in that they have mastered time and space, have ascended back to their God Source, and no longer require physical embodiments to evolve.  They now dwell in higher dimensions from which some reach back to help us achieve that same victory.  They also are instrumental in helping us reclaim the earth for the light and to once again create “thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”

They use their spherical light bodies for inter-dimensional travel and have far greater spiritual mastery than beings that require space ships.  They do not come to us in spaceships, rather they are the teachers of mankind from the highest realms of Spirit.  They act to inspire and motivate our spiritual growth, but never interfere with our free will.

They do not come to us as saviors that will rescue us from ourselves, but rather they offer a spiritual path that will take us back to God for the final reunion of the ascension, which is the ultimate goal of every soul evolving on earth.

meet the ascended masters

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