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Heavenly Helpers Series

Your Role as a Heavenly Helper

Welcome to our final installation in this series on Heavenly Helpers. This is the most important aspect of humanity that will determine the course of your life, as well as the fate of our nations and planet Earth.

What part can you play in making a difference in this world?  In actuality, it is up to what each one of us chooses, and also what we gather together collectively to choose to do now!  What will we think, do, say or bring into physical manifestation in our own personal lives, our families, relationships, nations and in all our world together on planet Earth?

The Masters teach that it is possible for you to attain union with God in this life even if you have done wrongs that you feel bad about and that you put yourself down about.  They say, don’t do that because God never does that to you.  We don’t have an angry God. We have a loving God who wants every soul to come home to their source in God.

So, wherever you are on the Path, rejoice and don't feel that you are some lowly person that God will not look upon because you have done certain things, or failed to do other specific things. These are the lies of a lower consciousness, or even of those we call the fallen ones, who have taken from us the true spirit of the Piscean age, and the avatar of that age, Jesus Christ—our wayshower. The Piscean age is come to an end and the New Age of Aquarius is upon us.  This is the age of Saint Germain—the God of Freedom and his twin flame, Portia—the Goddess of Justice and Opportunity, who carry on now in this next two thousand years.  


The Ascended Masters have emerged out of the spiritual traditions of East and West. Each one has something uniquely compelling to teach us about living our everyday lives spiritually.


The Masters teach us that now is a time for graduation of souls into the octaves of light.  And the primary reason we have not yet done so, is knowing and using the gift of the violet flame. The violet flame is a high-frequency spiritual energy that transmutes negative karma. Learn more about the violet flame HERE.  

So, what does it mean to live a spiritual life? And what is spirituality? The word spirit comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning breath, the breath of a god or inspiration. Spirituality is to the soul what the breath of life is to a newborn child. Spirituality infuses you with joy and vigor. It gives you peace and purpose. It empowers you to love and nourish yourself and others.

Spirituality has everything to do with sustaining a working relationship with God. It doesn't matter what you call God. You may call God the Higher Self, the Inner Buddha, the Inner Light, the Tao or Brahman. It's time for you—and all of us—to really get in touch and stay in touch with the universal power of God.  

We're talking about spiritual empowerment. You have a right to be empowered. Spiritual empowerment starts with knowing: Who am I? Where am I going? How do I get there?  

Who are you? Does any of us really know who we are? We are really a composite of many lifetimes, many experiences, many ups and downs. We are a child of God. We have a divine nature and a direct relationship to God.  In other words, it, it doesn't matter what you've been through in this life or past lives.


And it doesn't matter what anybody says about you. You still have a beautiful, everlasting spark of God right inside of you. This divine spark is like a chalice, a cup.  And your role as a Heavenly Helper, your job is fill it daily with light, the light of your own prayers—your meditations—your thoughts and your spoken words—your desires and your good works.  

This is how you are going to get your soul home.  Your soul is the feminine aspect of your being. The soul is mortal. Many people think that the soul is immortal. But the soul will become immortal again when she returns to God. The soul's reason for being here and now is to perfect herself so that she may attain union with God and become immortal. This is the ascension process.

We hope you have enjoyed this mini-series and you choose now to begin, renew or expand the process of filling your cup with daily devotions of your choice.  Please explore our website and check the references you have been referred to throughout this course.   


Reference books:

[1]  Violet Flame

[2]  The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America

[3]  Access The Power Of Your Higher Self (Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality)

[4]  Saint Germain: Master Alchemist: Spiritual Teachings From An Ascended Master (Meet the Master)

[5]  The Science of the Spoken Word

[6]  Access The Power Of Your Higher Self (Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality)

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