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threefold flame

What is the Threefold Flame?

Your Threefold Flame is the divine spark that makes your heart a replica of the heart of God.  It is literally a spark of sacred fire from God's own heart and it is the point of contact with the Source of all Life.  It is also called the Christ flame or the liberty flame.


The Threefold Flame of love, wisdom and power is your soul's connection to the Source of all life and is your potential to become the fullness of your Higher Self. 

We find the Threefold Flame burning in the hidden, or secret chamber of the heart.  It has three “plumes” that are frequencies of divine energy that embody the three primary qualities of God--Power, Wisdom and Love.  These frequencies correspond to the Trinity.  

The blue plume corresponds to the Father, God's Power, and is on your left.  The yellow plume that is in the center corresponds to the Son, God's Wisdom.  On your right is the pink plume that corresponds to the Holy Spirit, God’s Love. 


Accessing the Power, Wisdom and Love of God anchored in your Threefold Flame, is the pathway for fulfilling your reason for being.  


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Importance of Balancing the Threefold Flame

Individual Christ-mastery is achieved by balancing the Threefold Flame--the three God-qualities of Love, Wisdom and Power.  Recognizing this truth, you must first realize this balance within yourself before you can project it into the external world.

An out of balance condition with the blue Power plume far exceeding the pink and/or yellow can result, in the extreme, in a tyrant, and at a minimum someone who is cold and uncaring.  Likewise an imbalance with the yellow Illumination plume could result in an intellectual that doesn't really experience life to its fullest, or maybe not much at all in the way of feeling.  An out of balance pink Love flame could result in no direction or organization to accomplish much or simply being too much of a "doormat" for others.

When all are balanced--even if you tend to major in one of the three areas--you have a balanced individual that can then expand the flame and move on the spiritual path to personal Christhood.

Was There Ever a Time When the Threefold Flame was Balanced?

During the first three golden ages when the first three Root Races embodied on earth, the crystal cord (the stream of energy from your I AM Presence to your heart chakra) was nine feet in diameter and the Threefold Flame enveloped man's entire form.  Man's source of energy was virtually unlimited and the Christ consciousness enfolded each one.  This was before man’s departure from innocence.

After the Fall, man’s opportunity to exercise his free will was curtailed for his own protection. The Threefold Flame was reduced to one-sixteenth of an inch in height by cosmic edict.

2-Secret Chamber.JPG

Your Sacred Heart Space

Your heart is the sacred place where the world of material existence and the world of spiritual being meet and integrate.  It is here that you can experience the Divine, and where the words “I AM” best describe that place of inner peace and equilibrium.  
It is the source of the still, small voice that guides you ever so judiciously through life’s journeys.  Your heart is also where divine alchemy takes place—where you turn the lead of human thinking and feeling into the gold of divine thought and presence. 

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Much scientific research on the heart in recent years has established its intelligence, and recognizes it as a source of intuition and perception.  And, there are many techniques, both ancient and modern, to help you access your heart intelligence and your I AM Presence.  
Entering your heart space may be familiar to you if you practice meditation.  But while meditation assists in the process and may give you a deeper experience, it is by no means a requirement.  You can enter your heart space at any moment and in any place, and remain there indefinitely.  It is a matter of moving your awareness into that sacred space, which only requires the choice to make a shift in consciousness.   
The more you practice, the easier it becomes until you are more in your heart space than not.  At first you may wish to be in a quiet place alone to meditate and practice.  Once you become more experienced, you will be able to enter your heart space at will.  Or, you may never leave it.   

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