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The Ascended Lady Master Leto

Updated: Mar 9

Submitted by Nancy Showalter

The ascended lady master LETO is the Teacher of Youth. In her own words she says:

“I am a teacher of youth of every age. I taught Rex and Nada and Bob and Pearl, and I come to welcome you to the Cave of Light, retreat of the Great Divine Director in India, so here are activities for acceleration of candidates for the ascension. I especially work with children and youth who desire to give this lifetime to that path and to an extraordinary service to America, to Saint Germain. The color of violets, when meditated upon, will draw you nearer to the violet heart, the purple heart that I carry in the name of Saint Germain.” Leto, "Welcome to the Cave of Light," July 4, 1979

Leto was a scientist on Atlantis and a mystic in China, where she devoted her energies to the precipitation of the flame of truth. She also teaches us how to consciously leave our bodies and to reenter at will, and how to draw upon our experiences in the retreats at night. You can call to her to learn these particular disciplines. She ascended some 300 years ago.

Her twin flame is the ascended master Alexander Gaylord, who recently ascended in 1937. In the book The Magic Presence, you can read how Alexander Gaylord, while yet in embodiment and working for the Brotherhood, went on missions with Leto, who had ascended more than three hundred years earlier.” He was also active in the Cosmic Secret Service. (Yes, our Secret Service is the earthly version of the heavenly Secret Service. As above, so below.)

Leto and Alexander Gaylord embodied together in the Inca civilization in the early 1500s. He was a public servant and she was a scientist. And they were both highly attuned to the masters.

I don’t know how much you know about the Inca civilization, but it is a very interesting study. The Inca civilization flourished in ancient Peru between c. 1400 and 1533, just a mere 500+ years ago. Their empire eventually extended across western South America from Quito, here in Ecuador, to Santiago, Chile. It is the largest empire ever seen in the Americas and at the time, the largest in the world.

When you visit Peru—Machu Pichu, Cuzco and the Sacred Valley, which I have had the pleasure of doing twice, you see the remnants of what the Inca civilization accomplished in just a hundred years.

Their incredible architectural feats and knowledge of the universe that is displayed in their culture—which is another whole conversation—definitely makes you think that they were not only very in tune with the higher powers, but they also had mastery of levitation and other skills beyond what we know today in South America. In fact, their architectural feats have not ever been able to be duplicated by our modern technology.

During that embodiment, Leto rendered great assistance to mankind, especially during periods of plague, and she did this by drawing upon the healing focuses of the world. So Leto is definitely a master we can call upon to assist us with Covid19 and other health challenges you might be facing. It is very fascinating to know that Leto and her twin flame were embodied during that time--as some of us may very well have been also.

Leto currently serves with her twin flame, Alexander Gaylord, who is the Master of Paris, in their etheric retreat. Their retreat is over the Isle of the Ile de la Cite (Isle-de-la-site), which is the island in the Seine (Sen) in the very heart of Paris and the birthplace of France.

She currently conducts scientific experiments and teaches the laws of alchemy to a select group of students.

The Master of Paris, also maintains a physical focus in the city of Paris, which is one of the few physical focuses of the Brotherhood left on earth. And we are told that he often frequents this retreat in physical form.

Archangel Zadkiel explained the purpose of the retreat in the very heart of the city. He said, “the single-eyed purpose of keeping the flame of the seventh ray and using it with Christ-discrimination to aid the blessed servants of God in embodiment who do endeavor to bring about world good—to infuse, then, their work, the work of their hands or their inventions or their art or their pure love for humanity, with a portion of that permanence that comes out of the cycles of the violet flame.”

So this retreat is a great support to us. According to the masters, anyone anywhere could be invited to enter this retreat as an initiate. No one is barred. Nevertheless, you do have to have a certain attainment to enter.

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