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The Ascended Masters on Original Sin

Submitted by Nancy Showalter

Here’s what the ascended masters have to say about original sin:

“The ascended masters teach that the fallen angels are the original sinners, who committed the original sin against God by challenging the Divine Mother and the Divine Manchild. They have led the children of God into paths of sinfulness in order to convince them that they are “sinners” and hence, unworthy to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

“The Luciferians propounded the lie that sex is the original sin in order to keep the light of mankind veiled in the sin consciousness, to keep their attention (hence the serpentine force) constantly revolving around sex as the forbidden fruit. The Luciferians did not want mankind to know that it was their rejection of the Christ that caused them to fall, for if mankind knew this, they could and would accept the redemption of Jesus the Christ, of the Christ Self and of the Initiator Lord Maitreya. Thus they would return to the glory that they knew in the beginning before the world was.

“The fallen angels have kept from the children of God the true understanding that God has endowed each of them with the Divine Image; instead they have taught them that they are forever stained by “original sin” and can never become Christlike or realize their own Christ potential. The fallen angels have thus promulgated the false doctrine that because the children of God are sinners, they can only be saved by grace, dispensed by the Church, thereby denying the necessity for each one to “work the works of him that sent me,” as Jesus declared of his own mission.

“God has called us to forsake the sinful life of the fallen angels and to put behind us the sense of forever being sinners. This is made possible by the grace of Jesus Christ, which restores our oneness with him and with our own inner Christ potential. This grace affords us the opportunity to atone for our misdeeds and mistakes and pursue our own path of individual Christhood.”

Here's what the Goddess of Liberty had to say about the doctrine of original sin:

“You have heard, beloved ones, of the doctrine of original sin. I am the spokesman for the Karmic Board, and I tell you, beloved ones, there is no such thing as original sin; for God did not create it, the Cosmic Masters did not create it, and I think that it never has been created. Original sin, beloved ones, is a figment of the human imagination. That which is original is purity, it is the law of life, it is the law of eternal perfection, and it is that which was intended to act in the world of man as it acts in the universe."

Mother Mary brings the vision of our origin as not being in sin, but in God:

"O beloved ones, it does not matter when the moment comes as long as it comes swiftly for you to declare, “Behold, I am begotten of the Lord!” Let that statement cancel out the record of condemnation of original sin upon your soul, and know that the origin of your being is in the immaculate conception of Alpha and Omega. This is your original life, this is your original virtue, this is your original love; and God loves you with that purity that he loved you with in the hour of your soul’s conception in the heart of the Great Central Sun."

So we put an end once and for all to this doctrine that negates our true identity as conceived in purity of our divine parents, Alpha and Omega.

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