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Spiritual Retreats of the Ascended Masters

Updated: Mar 9

The Spiritual Retreats of the ascended masters are located in the etheric octaves at various locations around the planet, congruent with specific physical sites. 

In ages past, these spiritual focuses were in the physical world and men dreamed of visiting them, some of which are still capturing our imagination today—Shamballa, the fabled Shangri-La, and sacred sites on the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. 

And if you knew the secret passage ways and were willing to make the arduous trek, there was a time when you could indeed have visited them. 

However, a time of darkness came upon the earth and the temples were desecrated.  Mankind entered an era of barbarism, and everyone except for a small number of adepts were allowed contact with the ascended masters who formed what is called the Great White Brotherhood.  

This Brotherhood is called White because of the white light that is embodied and emanated from each of its members, which include both ascended masters and some still in embodiment.  Members of the Brotherhood are from all cultures, races and religions.

Due to mankind’s decline, the retreats were withdrawn from the physical to etheric levels.  However, some of these retreats are again open for those who are of the Light on earth to visit through soul travel while their bodies sleeps at night. 

There are a number of purposes for these spiritual retreats.  Primarily, the masters are the teachers of mankind and are with us to assist us in our spiritual evolution.  Through their presence so close to our planet, they are able to focus light and higher energies to help mankind awaken and to assist us as we transition into the Aquarian Age, which is meant to be a golden age.  They never interfere with our free will as that is unlawful, but do respond to our calls for assistance.

In addition to the retreats of the masters, there are great cities of light in the etheric plane where souls go and study in between embodiments, waiting for the opportunity to return to earth to continue the fulfillment of their divine destiny. 

Here the masters also safeguard records of previous golden ages and future technologies in the areas of art, education, music and ideal forms of government that exist in the cities of light but will only be released to mankind when the consciousness has reached a point in which these technologies will be put to constructive use.

Before retiring at night, you can make a call to go to one or more of these retreats and ask the angels to escort you there.  You may or may not remember the experience.  Some people do but even if you do not consciously remember, your soul does and you may bring back ideas, solutions, and inner direction regarding decisions you need to make in your daily life. 

Call in the name I AM that I AM to Archangel Michael to escort you to one or more of these retreats before retiring.  You can also request that you be able to bring back a conscious memory of the experience.  It is especially effective to pose a question or dilemma that you are trying to solve before going to the retreats and then see what solution you bring back. 

Here are just a few of the spiritual retreats you can visit:


The principal Retreat of the Great White Brotherhood in North America, congruent with the Grand Teton Range, Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Arabian Desert, Northeast of the Red Sea


Temple of Good Will, Darjeeling, India


Transylvania, Romania

Table Mountain, Rocky Mountains in Wyoming, U.S.A.


Shamballa, over the Gobi Desert in China


Luxor Temple on the Nile River, Luxor, Egypt



Tienstsin, China, southeast of Peking (Beijing)


The Temple of Mercy, in the foothills above Beijing (Peking), China


Fatima, Portugal


Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia border

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