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Soulmate or Twin Flame--What is the Difference?

Updated: Nov 2

Do you long to meet your ideal soulmate?

We all hold some ideas or desires that might describe an “ideal” relationship partner for us. Some people might say that this is the one they have loved for an eternity. And it’s true that such a relationship can be very loving and fulfilling.  You also have a twin flame and possibly other karmic relationships in your life to consider. 

What is the difference?

Soulmates are different from twin flames.  They come together because they have an attraction. For some, that attraction leads to love, marriage, and the sponsoring of children.  For others, the attraction is an inner recognition that they have come together to do something or to fulfill a task and accomplish something for God.  They are complimentary partners coming together to complete a mission or a labor they both consider important to their spiritual path.  

Karmic relationships are when two people come together to master or balance a certain karma.  These relationships can be challenging at times, but are always an opportunity to free both individuals and move further along on the spiritual path.  Soulmates and twin flames may also have karma together that needs to be worked out. In all of these relationships, the ideal of coming together is to work, to share and to commit your support to the partner in realization of each one’s individualized manifestation of being God in action, as well as to your combined goal, project or mission. You work together harmoniously realizing you are stronger together than you are alone to achieve a desired outcome. You may have many soulmates in one lifetime.  However, you have only one Twin Flame.

Twin Flames

Twin flames are created together by God out of a single white-fire ovoid.  Our Father-Mother God separated the twin flames into two spheres with one representing a masculine polarity and the other a feminine polarity.  They have the same spiritual origin and pattern of identity. 

Each of us with our twin flame volunteered to come and bring love and our unique contribution to the earth.  As long as we remained harmonious with God and with one another, we lived lifetimes as cosmic lovers. 

Living and working together in our human condition, we tend to judge and react to real people according to our ideals. And dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and upsets can accumulate.  Fears, doubts and a sense of separation from our God-Source separate us vibrationally.  You create negative karma with one another and also through alliances and entanglements with others. This comes through your free will misuse of energy.  And yet we retain a desire for wholeness as we have the same spiritual origin and pattern of identity. In each incarnation apart from one another, you and your twin flame are either creating more negative karma to separate you or you are balancing levels of karma that would make it possible for you to reunite.  At times twin flames assume different relationships, husband/wife, brother/sister, father/daughter, mother/son striving to unravel negative strands of energy we have created.

As we enter the Aquarian Age, each one is being prompted by our Higher Self to find and be reunited with our twin flame, whose soul may be on earth or in spirit.  As our consciousness expands, we realize that we have a mission with our twin flame that is unique and we begin to physically seek that one. 

The Key

What we really need to seek is wholeness within ourselves first.  Our soul liberation depends on our relationship with God and our Higher Self. As we become more whole in uniting with our Higher Self and balance our personal karma, we are more likely to attract and have a harmonious and loving relationship with our twin flame. We actually need to become that higher vibration that we wish to attract to us. Each of the twin flames needs to develop a certain level of mastery and consciousness of their Real Selves.  Because if we still hold negative qualities, then that same unique identity that we share with our twin flame can magnify our negative patterns.  As we overcome the negative patterns, we can magnify our positive patterns in each other.

Then we can realize our higher spiritual power together.

This is the true key to finding and being reunited with your twin flame.

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