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Precious are Our Children!

Submitted by Lynne Falconer

One of the things that stand out for me as I read through and study dictations delivered over the decades is that the old saying of history repeating itself, seems as constant today as it may have been decades ago. Humanity is a slow learner and the unfortunate victims of humanity’s inability to learn from past mistakes, are always the innocent. Our children.

Our children, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, skin color, religion, social status, etc. are the future of our country, and of our world.

In 1996 El Morya delivered a dictation which was titled: “The Agenda of 1996 is the Will of God.”

As you read this post I invite you to make your agenda that of the Will of God. Make the agenda of your LIFE, the WILL of GOD.

El Morya says that for his chelas, who are chelas of the First Ray, and the first order of business for this nation and planet earth, and those who stand in this vibration know that every aspect of that agenda, the agenda of the Will of God, must be fulfilled.

The agenda of the Will of God must “be effected in every area of life” – commerce, education, arts, and in particular, El Morya states “the care of children and the acceleration of education that will bring the souls who have embodied back to alignment with the destiny set for them.

Let’s take a quick look at the difference between “affected” with an “a” and “effected” with an “e.”

Affected means that something was influenced or changed. Effected means that something was brought about or facilitated.

So, El Morya states that the Will of God must be facilitated in every area of our lives.

A question to ask ourselves is this: what can we do – individually and collectively – to embody the Will of God for the children in this material world? For both those who are born and also for our preborn babies, the children still in the womb; in other words, from the womb to maturity.

So, I extend the invitation to all who: lets join our hearts and heads, and our voices with the power of the Spoken Word by making the calls and giving heartfelt, focused prayers every day and include a short powerful call for the children who are in this world, in this material realm – all children everywhere, including our preborn children who are waiting at the portals of birth to come into this material world to fulfill their own unique missions.

We know how powerful the spoken word is, so let us align with the Will of God, and use this powerful tool to be the instruments to bring more and more light into the lives of children everywhere.

I think one of the most disturbing things for me that is coming to the surface currently is the exposure of the extent to which children are abused, in so many different ways. That abuse includes their minds and hearts!

I won’t elaborate on that in this particular post but suffice it to say that the children in this world need – desperately need – our calls for their protection in body, mind and soul.

We, as Light bearers, have a grave task to make the calls that will enable Archangel Michael and the angelic hosts, and Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael to bring protection, to bring comfort, to the children everywhere. To the children of Light. To the sons and daughters of God.

El Morya encourages us to use decrees from the yellow pages of our decree books. The decrees in the yellow section are the “illumination decrees.”

El Morya says: “We must send forth powerful missiles of light and we must send them forth through you—through your chakras, through your causal bodies, through your I AM Presence—that we might right the ship of state.

For you see in all areas that the axis of the earth is not straight and thus the mind, the consciousness and the doings of mankind are not straight.”

For the ascended masters to send forth powerful missiles of light through us as we stand anchored here in the material realm, we must do what needs be done, what we are individually and collectively called to do, to ensure we are ready 24/7 to be the channel through which the masters can work.

El Morya also admonishes that, for us to truly make our agenda the Will of God, we must be centered in our Holy Christ Self and that we must bring balance to that which is most important to us individually and collectively, as a community. That which is most important to each one of us is ourself, our family, those for whom we care, those who we must sustain, and the children that we must bring to maturity in good balance.

So, a line is drawn for parents, children, families, grandparents, teachers, everyone and anyone who has a connection to children and the responsibility and accountability of our interactions with the children in our care is enormous. How will we fare in that responsibility?

As I write this, I am reminded of an old song that says “Teach your children well!” We may not agree with all the words in that song, however these words need to be taken to heart. The song also says “Teach your parents well!”

Parents have a heavy responsibility to guide their children so that the children of today become the leaders of tomorrow, and that requires children to have a solid foundation, a strong relationship and connection to God, knowledge of Ascended Master principles, and very importantly a loving, disciplined environment to grow and expand. Protect their innocence.

Teach our children well!

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