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On Rights, Exercising Rights and Performing Rites, Part 2 of 3

Submitted by Linda Czaplinski

Is the Right right?

In Part 1 of this series I invited you to contemplate Free Will Choice. I brought to mind the volume of choices we make routinely without blinking an eye; how there is magnitude in choice and how one choice has potential to touch multiple lives with a variety of intensity. How does the stone cause a ripple in the pond? What responsibility is incurred? What of accountability?

Choice has a polarity – yielding positive or negative results. If I show up to work tomorrow and do extra to help meet a deadline my outward ripple is positive. If I choose not to pitch in, the ripple has a negative tone because I had not done what I could to share the load and lighten the stress. I may think I’m only impacting myself, but am I? Maybe someone now has to cancel an appointment to work late; argues with their family because of fatigue from an arduous day; missed something important in the life of a child, or spouse, or parent. On the other hand, my participation could get us out of the office an hour early – appointment is kept; the family goes out for ice cream after dinner because there is time; someone gets to an event early grabbing the best seat in the house.

In viewing life through this lens we come to realize there is very little we do that does not in some way affect others.

Let’s get down to Brass Tacks now. It is the same with the ‘Right to Choose’ (c’mon now, tell me you had no inkling that this is where the rabbit hole was leading; you had to find out, didn't you?).

Now that we have contemplated the Small Ripple, let us think about the Big Ripple. Remember in the movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ where George Bailey is being shown how different Bedford Falls would be without his being born? Well sure, it was a happy story with a happy ending so you may think no comparison; how sure are you of that?

If we consider that God ordains life certainly there is a plan for that life. No one operates in a vacuum. The world, the activities are not really so random. Remember, our choices set a cascade of events in motion. And we can certainly opine that not all souls at the gate are of goodwill. That is fact yet we are not so omniscient that we know what is being ‘weeded out’. And