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On Rights, Exercising Rights and Performing Rites, Part 2 of 3

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Submitted by Linda Czaplinski

Is the Right right?

In Part 1 of this series I invited you to contemplate Free Will Choice. I brought to mind the volume of choices we make routinely without blinking an eye; how there is magnitude in choice and how one choice has potential to touch multiple lives with a variety of intensity. How does the stone cause a ripple in the pond? What responsibility is incurred? What of accountability?

Choice has a polarity – yielding positive or negative results. If I show up to work tomorrow and do extra to help meet a deadline my outward ripple is positive. If I choose not to pitch in, the ripple has a negative tone because I had not done what I could to share the load and lighten the stress. I may think I’m only impacting myself, but am I? Maybe someone now has to cancel an appointment to work late; argues with their family because of fatigue from an arduous day; missed something important in the life of a child, or spouse, or parent. On the other hand, my participation could get us out of the office an hour early – appointment is kept; the family goes out for ice cream after dinner because there is time; someone gets to an event early grabbing the best seat in the house.

In viewing life through this lens we come to realize there is very little we do that does not in some way affect others.

Let’s get down to Brass Tacks now. It is the same with the ‘Right to Choose’ (c’mon now, tell me you had no inkling that this is where the rabbit hole was leading; you had to find out, didn't you?).

Now that we have contemplated the Small Ripple, let us think about the Big Ripple. Remember in the movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ where George Bailey is being shown how different Bedford Falls would be without his being born? Well sure, it was a happy story with a happy ending so you may think no comparison; how sure are you of that?

If we consider that God ordains life certainly there is a plan for that life. No one operates in a vacuum. The world, the activities are not really so random. Remember, our choices set a cascade of events in motion. And we can certainly opine that not all souls at the gate are of goodwill. That is fact yet we are not so omniscient that we know what is being ‘weeded out’. And if the inconvenient or the imperfect are disposable are not the rest of us if we become a burden or an inconvenience? A slippery slope indeed. We are already seeing this with euthanasia and assisted suicide. Consider who ‘benefits’.

God always has a plan. We do not get dumped here at birth just to be beneficiary or victim of random events.

I believe my God to be a loving and merciful God, not a psychopath that plays favorites, blessing one while cursing another. And, I believe that the Soul is intelligent and has a say in how life is intended to unfold. Things do not always go as planned (there’s that Free Will thing again) but the outline is in place, even the timing of life’s events. We get here and then we impact, and are impacted by, other's, Free Will. All this influences how closely the Plan is adhered to (there’s that ripple effect again).

Let us expand on this; let us speak here of Reincarnation and Karma: Cause and Effect

If we embrace this concept then it stands to reason that opportunities and experiences are the result of Karma incurred either in the present, or, a previous life. Our good deeds (good karma) build as a treasure house while our poor or bad deeds (negative karma) take away from that treasure. Accountability: the scales must be balanced.

And so it is with life. A pregnancy may be inconvenient for any number of reasons. It may pose risk to the mother or, the child may be expected to be less than perfect and perhaps severely handicapped. When asking ‘why’ we must reconcile in our own hearts and minds that there is little that is random. What debt might I owe the incoming soul? What have I agreed to do in this embodiment? What has occurred between us in another life that we must come together now in this way? What role is this child intended to fill and what void does his absence leave? We are each important to this planet in our own unique way and need not be major players on the world stage to be important. Remember George Bailey? How many artists, teachers, farmers, statesmen, auto mechanics, nurses, plumbers, everyday good samaritans……….. are not among us to fill the role intended as lives overlap and intersect.

Consider how the incoming Soul feels knowing that this was negotiated, agreed to, there is purpose here. And now, the opportunity is not simply lost, it is deliberately denied with no regard for the soul at the portal of life. Who knows how long a wait to recreate the circumstances to ensure each one’s interaction where karma, big and small, is balanced, a debt repaid or a joint mission completed.

How do you feel when another does not honor their end of the bargain?

Yes, even considering that conception does not always take place in a vibration of love and caring. One can consider ‘have I done this? Is this now my reaping what I have sown before? Am I now experiencing what I have done to another?'

We have been here many lifetimes as men and women, sons and daughters, parents, spouses, acquaintances. Connected in small and large ways.

There is Free Will. There is always the right to choose. Abortion has always been with us, this is not new. Naming it as a right has not guaranteed universal safety, an ongoing talking point of the pro-abortion crowd. Look to the activities of Kermit Gosnell as the poster child of a failed regulatory system. Returning questions on abortion back to the States will not erase it from our midst. The SCOTUS decision simply aligns with our Constitution and is working as intended.

For your reflection: Choice to bring forth a child is a Right. Consider our interconnectedness and each one’s purpose and ask whether to snuff out that life is right.


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