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My Lesson from 75 Years Ago

Submitted by Rev. Carl Showalter, Spiritual Director

It was 75 years ago when I was 14 years old that I had my first lesson in a very important spiritual law. It was fall and time to get our crops in. We had already taken our old binder and cut the wheat and put it into shocks. Now it was time to arrange for the thrashing machine to be brought to thrash or separate our wheat and oats from the chafe and stalk.

The big day arrived with the neighbors bringing their wagons to help haul in the sheaves of grain. The big machine was backed into the second floor of the barn with its long pipe reaching out to blow the straw onto the stack in the barnyard.

The tractor running the machine was a very large tractor due to the power it took to run the machine. On this day the owner of the rig was one operator short. Looking around he saw me and asked me if I would be willing to operate the tractor.

Here are the rules of operation for the operator: the tractor had to maintain the right speed for the separation of wheat and straw. If the speed slowed down due to wet straw or other reason, I was to increase the speed by opening the throttle. If I didn’t do it, it could choke the engine and plug the machine which would take quite a lot of time to clean out.

I also had to stop the engine when the loaded wagons were emptied and replaced with full ones.

So, one had to listen closely to the hum of the engine to make sure that so that the flow would not be choked off.

Now I find the same process must be learned when one moves toward mastery in Christhood. Gautama has taught us that every day we are responsible to channel light/energy from our Father—first filling our own being with light, and then sending it out to all people everywhere. The reason this is so important is that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are not aware of this and who are not attuned enough to continue to be sustained without this energy.

He put it this way: “I have shown to the Mother of the World the vast evolutions whom she represents who have also gathered to hear the Word of the Buddha in the valley in the East, the millions of souls who depend on the flow of life from her heart and the hearts of devotees who are gathered in salutation of the Buddha and the Christ. You must understand, then, as you are one heart that many lifewaves receive the nourishment for the sustainment of consciousness by the extraordinary energy that passes through you daily through your invocations and decrees–a far greater quantity than that which is released by the Christ Selves of mankind who have not the science of the spoken Word.

Some have so misused the energy of God that not sufficient quantities of energy are released to even sustain their lives, and therefore they live from day to day by the grace of the intercessors–those among embodied mankind in East and West who draw this extraordinary momentum of energy and therefore nourish life as the water flows to the parched ground.

Let us see, then, the great commission of life that is given to the disciples of the Christ and the Buddha. It is the inner experience of the sponsorship of worlds. To this we would draw you that you might understand that you have become, even unbeknownst to yourselves, those who keep the flame of life on earth in the very real and tangible sense; and therefore, you are counted as emissaries of Sanat Kumara.

Sometimes you wonder what you are accomplishing as the days pass and you are challenged with the dark ones who pit themselves against your service and your light so that they can cut off that flow of energy and that sustainment of souls throughout the earth. And when there are days that vast segments of Lightbearers no longer keep the flame or are caught off-guard or are caught up into activities of the outer, it happens that some thousands, sometimes more, pass from the screen of life for want of the light that must flow daily. Because you do not see the inner vision of these millions upon millions who wait for that release of energy in darkness, in ignorance, you sometimes lose the perspective of the mission and the vision that is so necessary to the victory.

When I gave to you the release on non-attachment to the fruit of action, it was that you might have that key whereby you would understand that the only legitimate desire is the desire to be the flow of God’s light. And all that interferes with the flow of that light within you, within community, within the disciples of the Brotherhood must be set aside that light go forth. Light is released in the spoken Word, in the printed Word, in all that reaches mankind as the teachings of the masters.” (Vol. 21 No. 28 Pearls of Wisdom)

This puts a whole new meaning to life. It is imperative that we become aware of our spiritual tuning from morning till night. We must see that our existence demands more than just our wellbeing. If we are to become God in manifestation, we must see that our reason for being is really to feed the incarnations of God daily.

So with that awareness, let us join together in decrees, in our writings, and in our speaking, always aware that the light that we channel is the mission that we have come for. It is THE mission for each one of us!

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