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God-Government in a Golden Age

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Submitted by Nancy Showalter

We know that Saint Germain’s Aquarian Age is meant to be a Golden Age and we pray and make calls for that. The masters have told us that the single greatest concern of the councils of the Great White Brotherhood is to establish God-government on earth.

Why is this so important? They say it is because where the governments of the nations reflect ascended master law, the Golden Rule and the precepts of divine brotherhood, there is where the individual can evolve the Christ flame and become one with his divinity.

Where governments are unjust, the divine plan of the hierarchical blueprint for that country cannot be outpictured in society. So God-government is an essential component for a golden-age. Saint Germain says he was embodied in golden ages. So what did government look like in previous golden ages?

The masters have said that during the time of the first three root races, the Manus of those races were the rulers. Manus, along with their twin flames, are assigned by God to sponsor and ensoul the Christic image for a certain evolution or lifewave known as a root race. A root race is a group of souls that embody as a group and share a unique archetypal pattern and divine plan and mission to fulfill on earth.

Those who were appointed to hold public office during the reign of a Manu had earned the right to represent the people because they had first represented the light by passing initiations and proving their self-mastery. As long as members of the Hierarchy were in positions of rulership, the earth prospered.

From this model of the Manu as ruler and those in government having spiritual attainment and mastery has come the divine right of kings. This was a governing structure that lasted all the way to the eighteenth century and it came down to us as tradition from the golden ages when the Sons of God were invested with the authority of rulership.

But as the dynasties became infiltrated with corrupting elements, the rulers lost contact with the God Source. They lost their divine sponsorship and became as other men. We know that injustices by the leaders became so great that the people challenged the divine right of succession.

Enter the Great White Brotherhood and their sponsorship of the founding of the American system of government based on the freedom of the individual being a natural right, given by God, not by a government.

The masters, through Saint Germain, sponsored America to be a pilot nation for the republican form of government, for representative government according to the inner path of initiation. Again, those who have the greatest attainment in the Christ consciousness are intended to rise to the position of being statesmen and great examples of virtue to the people.

Beginning in the nineteenth century, the Brotherhood endorsed democracy as the means whereby each man should become a king and a priest unto God, developing his Christ potential and being found worthy to rule himself.

As a result of the education of the masses and the raising of the level of the consciousness of the people, the masters have been able to pave the way for an age of enlightenment wherein we would not only understand the Law, but would see the character of the Christ in our elected representatives.

This means that government would return to the system endorsed in the beginning, that those who by initiation had earned the right to rule would be elected to office under the guidance of the Christ Selves of the electorate.

The United States is a republic—a representative government—rather than a pure democracy, which the founders rejected because it could easily become mob rule.

So how did we get where we are today?

The masters tell us that side by side with the plan of the Brotherhood to return mankind to a golden age, the false hierarchy—the forces of darkness—have actively moved to thwart the plans of the Brotherhood.

They staged the French Revolution and through their secret organizations in Europe undermined the plan of Saint Germain for the unification of that continent. This is the time when Saint Germain, with a special dispensation as an ascended master, was physically on earth. He was known as the Le Compte de San Germain, the Count of Saint Germain. He actively tried to thwart the fallen ones plan but the leadership ignored his warnings, which led to the French Revolution.

The masters also warn of another plot of the manipulators, which is to unite the nations prematurely, before individual nations have attained the Christ consciousness.

They warn that giving up the individual sovereignty of the nations to a one-world body that is controlled by neither the Great White Brotherhood nor its appointed representatives can only lead to a Luciferian despotism that will deprive all mankind of the opportunity to spiritually accelerate and permanently return to the God.

An example of it not being time for nations to unite, even on a small scale, is that of Simon Bolivar. He was the military and political leader from Venezuela who liberated South America from the Spanish empire—at least the countries that we know today as Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, Peru.

At the time, Bolivar was considered the George Washington of South America. His dream was to unite these nations in what he called Gran Colombia. But this effort failed. And one day when talking with the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, I mentioned how unfortunate it was that he failed in that effort. Her response was that it was not supposed to happen and that is why it did not.

The masters tell us that if this planet is to be preserved for a Golden Age civilization, the nations that are dedicated to the individual ascension of every man, woman and child on earth, must not allow their energies to be drained by association with those who are not dedicated to the Christ. Only when all nations are brought to the level of the Christ consciousness can union occur. This uniting of the peoples of the world will come about naturally as individuals and nations strive toward and achieve perfection and unity through the Christ.

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