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"Command in Love"

From Unveiled Mysteries by Godfrey Ray King, Chapter 1

Submitted by Lynne Falconer

In this book the author tells the story of his experiences with the Ascended Master Saint Germain. In chapter 1, Mr. Ballard describes how he met Saint Germain, and I encourage you to get a copy of the book and to read it.

Mr. Ballard first met Saint Germain when he travelled to the region of Mount Shasta and from his writing, we learn that Guy Ballard had for some time been intrigued by what he had heard of a group of men, considered to be divine men, who were called the “Brotherhood of Mount Shasta” and that Mount Shasta had been a focus for the Brotherhood from ancient time.

When Mr. Ballard meets Saint Germain, he is some ways up the side of the mountain and stopped to get some water from a nearby stream. We learn that Saint Germain provides a drink that was in Mr. Ballard’s words: “delicious, the electrical vivifying effect in mind and body made me gasp with surprise.”

The illustration here was, as Saint Germain described it, to demonstrate the Universal Supply is ready to provide to us whatever we desire. The creamy liquid which Saint Germain gave to Guy Ballard was directly from the Universal Supply.

To me that means, above all else, that the liquid was pure in essence, and was exactly what a physical body as well as the spiritual aspects of our make-up needs to be in optimum health and vitality.

Saint Germain explained it this way.

He said: “That which you drank comes directly from the Universal Supply, pure and vivifying as Life Itself, in fact it is Life—Omnipresent Life—for it exists everywhere about us. It is subject to our conscious control and direction, willingly obedient, when we Love enough, because all the Universe obeys the behest of Love. Whatsoever I desire manifests itself, when I command in Love. [note: behest = command, bidding, direction]

Take note that Saint Germain says: “Whatsoever I desire manifests itself, when I command in Love.” And note that Love here is written with a capital “L.”

That is important because it is not the love that we, in human embodiment, most often believe is true “love.”

This is that Love “that surpasses all understanding” of which Jesus taught. [Ephesians 3:19]

I believe that when it all comes to a focal point, we all desire to have a deeper understanding of this alchemy that Saint Germain is teaching here. Because in the all-in-all, the Love that surpasses all understanding is a definite and clear alchemical exchange between Saint Germain and the Universal Supply.

This is what precipitation is all about, yes?

Saint Germain also says that precipitation, such as described above, is one of the least important activities of the Great Truth of Being. When we desire in Love, we precipitate. When we desire in selfishness and based on a fascination with the phenomena of precipitation, in other words our lowercase “self” or ego has the greater participation, we do not receive the experience of pure precipitation.

So, the question here is: how pure is our desire to precipitate anything into the physical world?

A coaching mentor of mine says “Everything is created twice.” And when we think it through, that is true. We first create with our thoughts and then, if we take action, the thing we thought of manifests (or precipitates) into the physical.

Another question is: how often do we receive in purity that which we created in thought? Right? And so, each of us can go to what Saint Germain teaches us: command in Love.

I encourage the reader to get a copy of the book: Unveiled mysteries by Guy Ballard, and to read and re-read each chapter with deliberate determination to gain that deeper meaning that Saint Germain teaches here.

As a reminder, Jesus taught in parables so that the disciples and crowds would saturate themselves with his teaching and as they pondered his words they gained the truth in his words, but not all received or understood the true meaning of his teaching. It is the same here with Saint Germain’s teaching. Open your heart and mind and allow the words of the ascended master to saturate your consciousness, your thoughts and see what experiences you receive that levels up your understanding of all things. It is helpful to keep a journal and record your thoughts and any questions that may come up for you while you are reading.

Now I invite you to put into practice Saint Germain’s teaching.

Saint Germain teaches us the use of the Higher Laws and admonishes us that the application will enable us to release True Wisdom and bring about All Perfection.

Here is the 3-step process by Saint Germain:

STEP 1: Find a quiet place, where you will be undisturbed for 15-30 minutes.

“The first step to the control of yourself—is the stilling of all outer activity—of both mind and body.

Fifteen to thirty minutes—at night before retiring and in the morning before beginning the day's work—using the following exercise—will do wonders for anyone—who will make the necessary effort.”

STEP 2: Focus attention on your Heart Center, and feel the connection between your outer self and your Mighty God Within.

Make certain of being undisturbed, and after becoming very still, picture and feel your body enveloped in a Dazzling White Light.

The first five minutes, while holding this picture, recognize and feel intensely, the connection between the outer self and Your Mighty God Within focusing your attention upon the heart center and visualizing it as a Golden Sun.

STEP 3: Acknowledgement

Give this acknowledgement, either silently or out loud:

I now joyously accept—the Fulness of the Mighty God Presence—the Pure Christ.

Feel the Great Brilliancy of the 'Light' and intensify It in every cell of your body for at least ten minutes longer.

Close the meditation with this command:

I am a Child of the 'Light' I Love the 'Light' I Serve the 'Light' I Live in the 'Light' I am Protected, Illumined, Supplied, Sustained by the 'Light,' I Bless the 'Light'.

Saint Germain concludes with this:

"Remember always: 'One becomes that upon which he meditates' and since all things have come forth from the 'Light', 'Light' is the Supreme Perfection and Control of all things.”

"Contemplation and adoration of the 'Light' compels Illumination to take place in the mind—health, strength, and order to come into the body—and peace, harmony, and success to manifest in the affairs of every individual—who will really do it and seeks to maintain it.”

May your path be blessed.

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