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Blue Flame Will of God

Please join us each Tuesday morning for our 

Services Offering Decrees,

Songs and Prayers to the Blue Flame Will of God

Tuesday Service

5:30 - 6:30 a.m.  U.S. Central

Join also by telephone: 

929-436-2866 (East Coast) or 669-900-6833 (West Coast) 

Code:  731 374 461

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"I speak to you, then, of the sponsorship by the Darjeeling Council of individuals who are in leadership positions in their nations, whether in government, the economy, education or the arts and sciences. We have many, many representatives, beloved, and we also count you among them.

"We ask you to come to Darjeeling and to knock on the door of our Darjeeling retreat this night, to present yourselves and make known to us your professions, your callings and how you will lend your talents to this endeavor. For there are five and a half billion souls, more or less, in embodiment and many out of embodiment seeking entrée into this world. And we must tend them as we would tend the flocks of the Lord.

"Therefore, we would deal with you according to your abilities and we would advance you in those disciplines in which you have already qualified yourselves, having concentrated in certain areas of life for thousands of years. Each one has a great contribution to make; and if you decide to make that contribution, you shall earn your ascension in the Light.

"Think of it, beloved!  All that you have banked on the altar of the heart during past ages is coming together now. And you can use your spiritual momentum as well as your physical momentum, as we have told you before, for a tremendous victory in this hour."


Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 37 No. 40 - Beloved El Morya - October 2, 1994, copyright The Summit Lighthouse 

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