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Energy Clearance Service

Please join us each Friday evening
as we invoke the power of the Holy Spirit for the clearing of
all negative energies burdening the planet and the souls of light everywhere.

Participate in advanced dynamic decrees, prayers, mantra and song.


Friday Night Service

8:30-9:30 p.m. U.S. Central

Join also by telephone: 

929-436-2866 (East Coast) or 669-900-6833 (West Coast) 

Code:  850 163 041


        "I would direct your attention to the fact that in this hour many pass from the screen of life in war or through famine and disease. Your Friday night service, the Order of the Golden Lily, under the Goddess of Liberty and dedicated to the ascension, was also instigated at the request of the Lords of Karma because of the great necessity for the weekly clearance of the planetary body of discarnates—those who pass from the screen of life whose astral sheath and lower bodies are yet earthbound.    

        "In order for us to make progress in the Light, there must be the binding of these discarnates. There must be the calls made for the directing of these souls of Light by the power of the mighty archangels to the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.  


        "Let the earth, the astral plane, the mental belt, and the etheric body therefore be cleared utterly and completely, week by week, so that when the day dawns on Saturday the forces of freedom may march unencumbered and uninhibited by yesterday’s responsibility, having to become the cleanup committee to clear the way of this astral debris and therefore not being able to function purely in the defense of freedom and for the rescue of souls of Light on earth."

Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 28 No. 17 -  Beloved Zarathustra, April 28, 1985 Palm Sunday 1985,  The Mission of a Living Flame  The Triumphal Entry of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray, Copyright Church Universal and Triumphant.

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