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A Dispensation Whose Time Has Come

As the God Meru said in his 1964 dictation:  

        "Today we shall not experiment, but we shall perform – we shall weave a network of light over the planetary body. This network of light resembling a coat of golden chain mail―a garment of light that plugs the gaps in mankind’s consciousness―is a tremendous boon to the earth in this day and age, but it will require the attention of the students in order to reinforce and establish it so that it may be a permanent action for the earth….

        "It is our hope that this will bring about a great wall of light between the octave of psychic substance and the human consciousness of mankind, making it extremely difficult for those individuals engaged in psychic practices to actually contact the psychic octave.... This will insulate mankind from the psychic realm and establish a curtain of great power sequestering these psychic energies from erupting into the physical.

        "However, there was not a critical mass of lightbearers decreeing enough to keep this action going. And therefore, the golden chain mail was not reinforced enough or strong enough to hold back the psychic energy. Hence, what took place was the breaking into the physical plane of all manner of discarnate entities, demons of death and hell and insanity and the heavy rock music and the death culture of drugs, depravity, murder and mayhem, and more wars."


Our Action Today - Reinforcing the Golden Chain Mail

        So, more than 50 years later, we answer the call of the God and Goddess Meru.  To this end, please join us in a worldwide prayer tag to continue the reinforcement of the golden chain mail.


Our Commitment

        "We, the lightbearers of terra, as one mind, one heart and one soul, determine to reestablish this great wall of protection. We seek to undo this astral deluge that has erupted so far!  We dare to try!  We are determined that all that has been loosed from out of the pit of hell can be sealed up again by the Heavenly Host."       


         Remember, God Meru said that the angelic hosts will weave together all of our energies, the energies of Christian, Moslem, Jew, Buddhist, and the many religions of the world into a consecrated chalice and forcefield.

        Please dedicate time to give this call daily to reinforce and maintain the action of this chain mail as a mighty protection for the earth.

 Please email me your commitment to daily make the call

at with just the words in the subject line:


       There are 3 versions of the call.  Please download and print each of them and use as time permits each day:

          1)  Golden Chain Mail Prayer (short)

          2)  3-minute call

          3)  Full-length version

        These options give you the option on days that you have more time to do a longer, more powerful call. And the days that are very hectic, to at least make a short fiat for reinforcement.

        Remember God Meru said: “I am counting on you, as is the lovely Goddess Meru, to sustain this action of mighty assistance poured out in this day to the earth and all mankind....”


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