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America, a Divinely Sponsored Nation

The ascended masters have given us insight on the spiritual nature of America and her role among the nations of Earth.  While the ascended masters are free from the rounds of rebirth and reincarnation, many of them have chosen to remain in contact with the souls of Earth to serve, support and teach us how we can also achieve the goal of the ascension. 

There are 195 nation states in our world.  And each of them is designed to play a part in the Body of God on Earth. Dr. Peter Marshall was an immigrant patriot who came to America from Scotland and rose to be the chaplain to the United States Senate and to minister to the people of Washington D.C. and America, especially in a time of world war. In one of his war time sermons, titled The Covenant Nation, he wrote: “The forces of evil are organized on a world scale.  They fight against God, against religion, against peace.  They seek to promote confusion, to sow suspicion, and to set man against man.  All who believe in God, who love America, who cherish our heritage, who seek peace, who are sick of war, and who long for goodness, must fight for these things—and they are worth fighting for…   

“God seems to have placed America in a position where she can lead the nations of the world into a new world order—of international justice, ethics, and righteousness…or…by our hypocrisy, our compromises, our expediencies…and our own immorality, sow the seeds of cynicism and disillusionment from which this nation shall never recover in a hundred years…”

The ascended masters have given great assistance and instruction on how America can fulfill her role as a covenant nation for planet Earth. The Master El Morya has taught that America is a great experiment sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood, and he says that if the experiment does not succeed in America, it will not succeed anywhere else.  So America is more than just a nation.  It is a symbol to all people and all nations of the ongoing possibility for the realization of individual and world freedom.

This blueprint for America that originated with the Great White Brotherhood was established by America’s Founders and that blueprint is still there, overlaid upon the fifty states and even more.  It is overlaid upon the entire I AM Race, souls that reside in many nations.

The Great White Brotherhood is a spiritual order of Western Saints and Eastern adepts who have united for the highest purposes of the brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God.  They have come in every age from every culture and religion to inspire creative achievement in education, the arts and sciences, God-government and the abundant Life through the economies of the nations.  The word white refers not to race but rather to the aura (halo) of white light surrounding their forms.  Jesus Christ revealed this heavenly order of saints “robed in white” to the Apostle John, as recorded in the Bible in the Book of Revelation.

The I AM Race are souls of light from every race and nation (called Lightbearers) who are also called Americans because in a metaphysical sense, the word America is composed of the seven letters that spell I AM Race.  This group consists of the lightbearers and the sons (and daughters) of God who are intended to ascend in this age.

The ascended masters have given us the vision of planet Earth which is to become Freedom’s Star.  This nation of America (the United States of America) was established and sponsored by Saint Germain as a “guru nation”, meaning a teacher or leader nation.  And the responsibility of this leader nation is to lead the way to restore peace and freedom on earth.  This helps us understand the importance of America’s ability to reach that goal on the world scene and why she is facing the challenges she is facing today.

When a nation of people turn their backs on the laws of God, the nation accrues karma just as individuals do.  So what is the karma of the individual or the nation who turns away from the laws of God?  Saint Germain says, "The anger of the LORD is upon those who destroy the people of Light, nation by nation.”  What do we think is upon those who could prevent it and do not?  Do we join the enemies of God and the Light, or do we follow the instruction, the inspiration and the dispensations we have been given through the loving attendance of the Angels and the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood to achieve the intended victory of freedom and liberty for all?


To further illustrate the importance of America living up to its divine plan of freedom, goodness and peace for all nations, let us look at what another immigrant has to say about the survival of America as it is intended to be. The Rev. H. R. Wurmbrand, a Romanian Evangelical Christian Minister, was imprisoned and brutally tortured for fourteen years and has been called “the Voice of the Underground Church” and the “Iron Curtain Paul.” The Ascended Master El Morya said, “We look here and there over the face of the earth and truly we declare that those isolated individuals such as Rev. Wurmbrand who are determined tell the true story of torture and torment of Christians—these are they whose voice of Truth will never be denied.  The flame of freedom cannot be put out! It speaks in many, many hearts.”


Demonstrating that internal Flame of Freedom in the heart, he spoke of his thoughts about America and her role in this world, saying: “Every freedom-loving man has two fatherlands, his own and America.  Today, America is the hope of every enslaved man, because it is the last bastion of freedom in the world.  Only America has the power and spiritual resources to stand…America is the last hope of millions of enslaved peoples.  They look to it as their second fatherland.  In it lies their hope and prayers.  I have seen fellow-prisoners…beaten, tortured, with 50 pounds of chains on their legs-praying for America that the dike will not crumple; that it will remain free.”


Can we in our freedom do less?


It is the divine plan of America that is the melting pot of the world to bring a focus upon the expression of the Christ, the Christ consciousness and the genius of Christ that comes through freedom--freedom to be, freedom to be creative, freedom to live, to pursue happiness, to make one's way in the world. Only by this freedom and an economy that is based on freedom can the Christ flame ultimately come to its full  completion.


When greed and the tearing down of individualism and the Christ flame occupy an economy system, then we see the corroding away of the opportunity of the Christ flame to prosper. America is intended to be the forerunner of the golden age culture, to be the home of the I AM race.  It is the place prophesied in the twelfth chapter of Revelation as the wilderness of the Divine Mother and her seed.


The role that America is to play has been known in secret societies for thousands of years.  According to some sources, the mystery schools of Greece, Egypt, China and India all prophesied the coming of this great nation, where the light would ultimately triumph.


The eagle is a symbol of the Great White Brotherhood. The eagle is also a formation of angelic beings, legions of the blue ray of the will of God and they move in a formation that is the outline of an eagle. These legions of angels are for the protection of the Christ Consciousness, and of that place in the wilderness for the raising up of the feminine ray.


All of us can call upon these hosts of light for the protection of the ideal—of the divine plan--of the great promise that must be fulfilled in America.  And so the spiritual destiny of America and of all nations is fulfilled when all are working together in the cosmic honor flame for this goal of the complimentary aspects of the Christ Consciousness. We see in the world today that there is a loss of values, a loss of honor and almost the only thing that holds us together as a group of nations is the fact that we realize that if we don't move together in some areas--at least economically or in terms of ecology, none will succeed, none will endure.  


Our goal is to restore the ascended master ideals.  No matter the deteriorating conditions we observe currently, like the legend of the phoenix bird, out of the ashes that symbolize the consuming of darkness, out of that ash rises the new phoenix bird. When we see the old order is dying, it is because there is hope of the new order of the ages.  We find the symbols of the Great White Brotherhood, of Saint Germain who inspired the founding of America. One out of many is that concept of the Christ--the perfect Christ man, the perfect archetype of golden age man and golden age woman--emerging out of this society that is composed of the blending of all people.  


The Master El Morya said, "From the beginning we were winning." The way we choose to win is by ratifying our victory by daily deeds, by action, by thought and the study and practice of the Science of the Spoken Word.


To these ends, we offer you the opportunity to acquire and study the America Rosary to Unite the I AM Race.  This booklet is a Call to Action for the I AM Race—the sons and daughters of God of every race, nation and religion. And it comes with two FREE audio sound files that you can download to any mobile device to carry this information and the mystical rosary with you wherever you go.


See the links below to download the PDF and audio files.
What is included:

  • Part 1 - you will gain a greater understanding of the spiritual sponsorship of America • America’s history of consecration to Mother Mary • How America’s victory is the KEY to the victory of planet earth• Who and what is the I AM Race • An understanding of key prophecies • Why America’s victory is a planetary assignment for the I AM Race • How this NEW Rosary is designed to bring us into a greater sense of Oneness—with the Heavenly Hosts and with one another, and • How to pray for divine intercession that is the spiritual requirement for Lightbearers to have their independence from tyranny over mind and body.

  • Part 2 -  provides a mystical rosary ritual for individuals or groups to invoke the divine intercession needed to overcome spiritual and political tyranny and to achieve greater individual soul freedom, liberty and world peace.

Download PDF & Audio Files Here

[1]   America Rosary PDF

[2]   America Rosary  Audio Files

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