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Rose Bush

the gift of grace from mother mary

scriptural rosary novena

        On August 22, 1992, in a dictation given at the conclusion of the Saturday evening service, Mother Mary asked for a perpetual prayer vigil of the rosary.

        She promised to return in seven days to accord us a “special grace or dispensation.”  Mary said:  “I ask you to think about this for seven days and then come to a conclusion as to what special grace you might ask of me.” 


        She requested that for fourteen days we alternate giving the long scriptural rosary on one day and the Surrender Rosary on the next. She said this would assist us to ask for a grace that would enable us “to become who we are, to fulfill our mission and to serve others.”  (See vol. 35 no. 34, pp. 439, 440, 448.)

        On August 23, our beloved Lord Lanto commented:  You have heard the request of the Blessed Mother for the continuing novena of the rosary. This began within minutes of the conclusion of the dictation and has been continuing. You can feel the presence and the love, the all-pervading perfume of the blessed Mother of Christ as you now have a shield greater than you know and greater than many that you have raised up. The shield of the Divine Mother of all cosmos is easily manifest through the Archeia of the Fifth Ray.

        Thus, beloved ones, though you may not have the numbers in your various groups to maintain this vigil perpetually, you may at least see to it that a rosary is given daily and perhaps the Child’s Rosary, though the longer ones and the Surrender Rosary [and the Archangel Michael Rosary] have their special contribution else they would not have been written.

        On August 29, seven days later, at the Saint Germain Service, the congregation wrote letters to Mother Mary,

stating the grace they would like to receive. Saint Germain tells us that Mother Mary has molded the gift to our deepest need and to the equation of the hour of our lifestream. Forget not the inner resolution by the violet flame and by the joy of the heart. Forget not, beloved ones, the altar of God.

scriptural rosaries 

The Seven Mysteries for the Seven Rays

        When Mother Mary came to Elizabeth Clare Prophet and told her of her desire to have devotees throughout the world give a Scriptural Rosary for the New Age, she first announced the seven mysteries for the seven rays, together with the prayer format that was to be used. These mysteries are listed below in the 15-Day Schedule, the odd numbers.

15-day schedule

the fourteenth rosary

The Mystery of Surrender

        The Blessed Virgin stated that when sufficient numbers among the Keepers of the Flame would give with diligence and devotion these sacred mysteries centered in the lives of Jesus and Mary and in the prophecies of the Old and New Testaments, she would release the Fourteenth Rosary.


        Mother Mary came to the tower where she had come before and gave me the Fourteenth Rosary, which is the Mystery of Surrender. It is unlike any other of the rosaries; it is beautiful beyond belief. It teaches us to let go; it teaches us to prepare for the hour of the crucifixion. It includes the prayer of Jesus to the Father before his crucifixion. That prayer is called “The Hour Is Come.”[John 17]


        The Fourteenth Rosary, the Mystery of Surrender is for the victory of the fourteenth station of the cross and the culmination of the spirals of the thirteen rosaries in the consciousness of the Christ―the path that leads onward up the royal road of reintegration with your God Self as you become the Christ. For the victory of the fourteenth station of the cross and the culmination of the spirals of the thirteen rosaries in the consciousness of the Christ, the Blessed Mother has come to teach us how to surrender, how to let go of a false identity fabricated in Matter. She has come to show us how to release into the fires of the Holy Spirit the struggle and the sense of struggle and all of the components thereof—how to dissolve every counter manifestation to the point of light that is our Real Self in God.


THE FOURTEENTH ROSARY:  The Mystery of Surrender (PDF Booklet)

the fifteenth rosary

The Mystery of the Surrender of that Christ You Become

        The mystery of the Fifteenth Rosary is the mystery of the surrender of that Christ that you become. In that hour of the fulfillment of the resurrection through the fourteen stations, it is understood that each candidate has the opportunity to elect to enter into the ascension spiral and to ascend to God. Thus you see that when all other surrenders are in the valleys behind you and you stand on the mount of that transfiguration and you stand in the glory of Easter morn, you recognize that from the mount of transfiguration unto the mount of the Holy of Holies of the Resurrected Self there is a unique path to be walked. It is the surrender of that Christhood that you have attained. [Mother Mary, “The Gift of a Mother’s Heart: The Mystery of the Fifteenth Rosary,” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 23, no. 27, July 6, 1980]



        On a fall morning in 1972, Mother Mary appeared to me, the Mother of the Flame Elizabeth Clare Prophet during my morning meditation in the prayer tower of the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral in Colorado Springs, saying:


        I want to give you a ritual of the rosary for Keepers of the Flame. It is to be a scriptural rosary for those who adhere to the true teachings of Christ as taught by the ascended masters and for the bringing-in of the golden age. It is to be used as a universal adoration of the Mother flame by people of all faiths. For, you see, the salutation “Hail Mary” simply means “Hail, Mother ray” and is an affirmation of praise to the Mother flame in every part of life. Each time it is spoken, it evokes the action of the Mother’s light in the hearts of all mankind.


        Thus the rosary is a sacred ritual whereby all of God’s children can find their way back to their immaculate conception in the heart of the Cosmic Virgin. The New Age rosary is the instrument for mankind’s deliverance from the sense of sin and from the erroneous doctrine of original sin. For every soul is immaculately conceived by Almighty God, and God the Father is the origin of all of the cycles of man’s being. That which is conceived in sin is not of God and has neither the power nor the permanence of reality. All that is real is of God; all that is unreal will pass away as mankind become one with the Mother flame. The daily giving of the rosary is a certain means to this oneness.


       Love and Blessings to our blessed Mother for untiring devotion to us throughout the ages…

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