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Partner Pledge

        I commit myself to living a life imitating the Ascended Masters—a life of unconditional love, free of criticism, condemnation and judgment of myself and others.  I will take upon myself the responsibility of holding the flame for this Fellowship in the giving of time and talent as I am able.  I will pray and decree for its growth and maturity.


        I will take my role in sharing the Teachings as I understand them.  I will make it a priority to be the Christ and to advance my Christhood for all to see.  I will work to develop my spiritual gifts and to grow toward adeptship in spiritual mastery.  I accept my role as a Partner of the Spiritual Awareness Fellowship, accepting the responsibilities and blessings that come with such a role.

Monthly or Annual Commitment

We encourage each Partner to consider tithing to receive the blessings of such a discipline.

For the ongoing work of the Fellowship for the upcoming year and toward our annual operating expenses, I/WE pledge:

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Thanks for submitting your pledge!


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