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Where we honor and practice truths found in the world’s religions, including Ascended Master teachings brought forth in the 19th and 20th centuries.


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Saint Germain teaches us practical alchemy and shows us how to magnetize millions of "focal points of light" into a brilliant, pulsating "cloud" of infinite energy that can then be directed into specific conditions upon the planet, including but not limited to disease, pollution, crime and even war.  


Saint Germain explains that once the creative cloud is dispersed, it will continue to expand throughout the universe.  The participation of light-bearers around the world enhances the forcefield of the cloud for the victory of the light and to bring in the golden age.



the art and science of the spoken word

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We support a worldwide community through weekly services, prayer vigils, lectures, conferences and seminars in our Center in the greater Chicago area, around the world, over the Internet, and via the telephone.  

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