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September 28, 2020 - ONGOING
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(Monday thru Friday)

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(Just print, fill out required spots and burn)​

  • Decree 7.29, ‘Great Karmic Board,’ nine times daily. 





               In Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 38 No. 37, Lanello says “Give Decree 7.29, Great Karmic Board,’ nine times daily until the alchemy of your requested dispensation is fully manifest in the physical octave.  If your request is not lawful, this will be made clear to you in the outplaying of events. You can always write again to me and to the Lords of Karma. Trust in God’s alchemy–and, as the saying goes, ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!’”


     He adds:

     “Write often to me and to the Lords of Karma. Ask for dispensations when you need them, and do not be surprised when you receive them.”

     “If you have been on the Path for many years, renew your vows of chelaship in a letter you direct to the Karmic Board. You may address your letter personally to the Goddess of Liberty, the spokesman for the Karmic Board, or to any or all of the eight members, namely:”

  1. The Great Divine Director on the First Ray,

  2. The Goddess of Liberty on the Second Ray,

  3. The Ascended Lady Master Nada on the Third Ray,

  4. The Elohim Cyclopea on the Fourth Ray,

  5. Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth, on the Fifth Ray,

  6. Portia, Goddess of Justice, on the Sixth Ray,

  7. Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, on the Seventh Ray,

  8. Vairochana, a Dhyani Buddha, recently appointed as the eighth member, representing the Eighth Ray.


As you see in the passage above, our Beloved Lanello, implored us to write often to him and to the Lords of Karma. And he emphasized, that you can ask for dispensations when you need them, and do not be surprised when you receive them.

We are going to take full advantage of this dispensation by giving a novena, as outlined by our beloved Lanello, specifically petitioning for immediate dispensations for all events leading to the upcoming November 3rd election. Our objective is for the will of God and the Karmic Board’s plan for America and the world to precipitate through God-government at every level in the upcoming pivotal elections.

So, we have put together a form letter with immediate dispensations we are requesting from the Lords of Karma. You can print this letter out. It has a blank section where you can write in your own handwriting other dispensations you are requesting.

We are offering in return for the divine intercession of the Lords of Karma, our prayers, by giving decree 7.29, daily, nine times, up until the election. We will have a matrix, as we have for previous novenas, with a preamble and invocation before the body of the decree.

After completing your letter, sign it, consecrate it at your altar and burn it in your fireplace or a safe receptacle. You may also want to keep a copy of your letter in your Bible for reference. Be sure you keep your promises to God and the masters.



Writing letters to the Masters, is an ancient ritual of the Brotherhood in which the written letters are burned.    When the letter is burned, the coil of consciousness that went into the letter, the etheric blueprint of your writing, is taken up in a scroll at the etheric level and taken by angelic hosts to the hierarchs of light to whom the letter is addressed or to whom it is directed by your own God Presence.

There is a great importance in writing down requests to God.

The process of writing, gives you a tie to God that is a different form of prayer and meditation than decrees, spoken prayer, silent meditation or pranayama breathing. Putting your petitions to paper and pen uses the focus of your own heart flame in the world of form and the focus of God in the hand that you write with. Therefore, the masters have said that it is better to write a letter than to type, because when you write the energy flows through your hand and through the pen.

Remember, it is important that you keep your promise, in this case, giving the Karmic Board decree nine times daily until the election because the master who sponsors you will have to make up for your lack of energy. When we pledge our participation in a novena, the master must give something to the Cosmic Council of his own momentum and attainment, and this is held in reserve until you make it good. If you forfeit the energy, the master forfeits something of his attainment, which he must then earn again.

So, when you make your request to the Lords of Karma, when you say, “I’d like so much energy to do this particular task for the world,” remember that you will be held accountable for that energy, sometime, somewhere. And when you receive this grant of energy―do not take it lightly! What you do with it will determine how much more energy you will be given in the future.

Consider what you have pledged to do, so that all of your days are an effort to fulfill those plans.


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