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What Are the Functions of Your Chakras?

There are many representations of the Seven Major Chakras that are energy centers of light anchored in your etheric body that governs the energy flow to your etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies.   


The ascended masters have given visual representations of these "wheels" of energy that show what our chakras look like in their purified forms. 

There are a total of 144 chakras that correspond to your physical body.  There are seven major chakras that correspond to the seven rays, five additional chakras that correspond to the five secret rays.  Below are  descriptions of the seven major chakras.  

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The Base of the Spine Chakra

In Eastern traditions, the fire of this chakra is known as the Kundalini fire, which is meant to rise to the crown chakra when one becomes enlightened.  This chakra is white and it has four petals.  It corresponds to the fourth ray of purity, hope, joy, self-discipline, integration, perfection, wholeness and nurturing. 

It is the Mother chakra and mastery of this chakra is the secret of bilocation and levitation of the saints of both East and West.

Base-of-the-spine chakra.JPG

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The Soul Chakra

This chakra is where your intuitive or "psychic" senses are--the ability to read energy and the moods and vibrations around you.  It has six petals and is located above the base-of-the-spine chakra, midpoint between that chakra and the solar plexus chakra above it. 


When in harmony, this chakra radiates the violet light of the seventh ray.  The violet light liberates the soul through transmutation of negative karma in all of the chakras.  

Soul Chakra.JPG

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The Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar-plexus chakra is located at the navel and is called the "place of the sun."  It is the center of feeling and emotion and when calm, you have the power of peace.  It has ten petals and vibrates purple and gold, corresponding to the sixth ray of ministration and service.  

By raising the light of this chakra to the throat chakra, you can send light over the whole planet through the spoken word causing atoms and electrons to come into alignment with the flame of Peace.  

Solar Plexus chakra.JPG

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The Heart Chakra

The Heart chakra is your most important chakra as it is the doorway to connecting with your Higher Self, your I AM Presence, God personally within you.  Light descends from your Presence through the crystal cord into your heart chakra and is distributed to the six other chakras and the five minor chakras of the secret rays.  This energy flows to all of the cells and nerve centers in your four lower bodies.  The heart chakra has twelve petals and is the color of pink, the fires of love.


It is the place of the Threefold Flame of love, wisdom and power, and where you discover that all life is one and experience compassion for all life.  

Heart chakra.JPG

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The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is your power center. It has sixteen petals, or frequencies, that correspond to the pyramid (four petals on each side).  These petals represent the power of precipitation—the Spirit becoming tangible in Matter through the power of the Word.  It corresponds to the first ray, which is the expression of power, will, faith, protection, direction, courage and obedience.

It is the center of the blue flame and the will of God. When you speak the name of God “I AM” and follow it with positive affirmations or declarations, you begin the transmutation process. All that is spoken from the throat chakra, whether for good or ill, manifests in form by the power of your spoken word.  

Throat Chakra.jpg

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The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye, located between your two physical eyes, is emerald-green.  When we look through the third eye, it always gives you the immaculate concept of the blueprint of life and allows you to discriminate between Good and Evil.  In contrast, your two physical eyes give you a relative perception and perspective on life that is not always clear. 


The third eye chakra is associated with the fifth ray and the expression of truth, divine vision, holding the highest vision for oneself and others, healing, wholeness, abundance, clarity, constancy, focus, music and science. 

It has ninety-six petals and when vibrating in the emerald green of truth, gives you the pure picture of individuals, of civilizations, and of the divine pattern.

Third Eye chakra.JPG

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The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is a golden-yellow made up of 972 petals.  It is located at the crown of the head.  It associates with the second ray and the expression of illumination, wisdom, self-knowledge, understanding, humility, open-mindedness and cosmic consciousness.


It is also called the thousand-petaled chakra, and the flowering of the "thousand-petaled lotus" of the crown is the goal of self-mastery in the dimensions of time and space.  It is knowing God through the mind of his Son. 


Wisdom fire in the crown creates a magnet that draws the energies of the Mother up from the base of the spine.  It moves up through each of the successive chakras, which are the centers of our God-awareness. The enlightenment of the Buddha and of the Christ is the experience of knowing all things without being tutored or taught.  Then our awareness includes that which is contained in the mind of God. 

Crown chakra.JPG

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The Secret Chamber of the Heart

The secret chamber of your heart seals your threefold flame of life, the divine spark that makes your heart a replica of the heart of God.  It is literally a spark of sacred fire from God's own heart and corresponds to the Trinity. 


The threefold flame of love, wisdom and power is your soul's connection to the Source of all life and is your potential to become the fullness of your Higher Self.  

The blue plume corresponds to the Father, God's Power, and is on your left.  The yellow plume that is in the center corresponds to the Son, God's Wisdom.  On your right is the pink plume that corresponds to the Holy Spirit, God’s Love.

2-Secret Chamber.JPG

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