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Ascension:  The Ultimate Goal of Life

Contemplating the concept of “ascension,” most people in the Christian world would associate it with final stage of Jesus Christ’s life. According to Christian doctrine, he was the only one who ascended, “the only Begotten Son of God.” Even Mother Mary’s passing is called “assumption,” obviously in order to make Jesus’ path unique.  


However, one can doubt that such a great avatar came on this planet and went through profound initiations to accomplish the goal nobody else can pursue. Rather, he gave humankind a certain matrix of a life path crowned with this ritual that applies to every living soul.

Requirements for the Ascension

What exactly did Jesus have to do to achieve this goal? Certainly,

he had to deserve it, and it was not a given fact. Even though Jesus

came into embodiment having over 90% of his karma balanced,

he had to fulfill all the requirements of the Law – as it is expected

from anyone, with no exceptions - to be able to fully unite with

the Father and literally become one with Him.

In Jesus’ time, it was required to balance 100 % of karma.  

However, in the 20th century, thanks to God’s mercy, this

requirement was reduced to 51%, and a soul is given an

opportunity to balance the rest of his or her karma from the etheric levels in service to Earth and its evolutions.

However, other requirements remain unchanged throughout eons: a candidate must fulfill his divine plan – an individual divine life purpose, as well as attune his being to God in all levels.

We Ascend Daily

Ascension is not a momentary action. It is a continuous, day-to-day process, whereby an individual either uses righteously the energy God sends him on a daily basis, which puts him closer to his victory, or misuses it and lingers on the path. In order to return back to God, those who have chosen the path of initiations have to climb an upward spiral and make millions of right decisions. For this is the nature of a daily ascending process.

Despite the list of requirements, their fulfillment does not mean automatic, granted ascension. It is not something one can “buy” by blindly following the letter of the Law. It is always a grace of God, the most precious gift of the Lord to His beloved Son, or Daughter.  It is a ritual of ultimate union with God—your I AM Presence within you—and the end of a journey that might have lasted hundreds and thousands of incarnations on planet Earth.

However, it is not the end of all things for the soul, but rather an evolutionary step, that makes a human being an Ascended Master, and from now on, until the next step, one of his tasks would be to help people of the Earth on their path to ascension.

Study the Lives of Those Who Have Ascended

Certainly, it is God’s will for all souls to reunite with their God Presence, therefore all of Heavenly Hosts stand by us to eventually see us gaining the ultimate victory. One of the ways of how to understand this path of is to study lives of the saints – of Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, or more recently St. Thérèse of Lisieux, Padre Pio, Mother Theresa, among many others.  


These records provide important keys to initiations on the path and ways of how to pursue it in the modern world.

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