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“New Beginning!”

Welcome, Brothers and Sisters of the Light,

To our study of Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 41 No. 6; dictated by Sanat Kumara, teaching “New Beginning”. 

Attached are a few paragraphs from this teaching to meditate upon.

Receive the Needy wherever You Find Them”

        “I, Sanat Kumara, come for the purging of the earth. For if I purge it not, you shall not be cleansed, the light bearers worldwide shall not be cleansed and those who dwell in the darkest dwellings beneath the earth shall also not be cleansed.

        "Therefore, let the power of light descend! And let those who are able to assimilate it do so. And let those who are not able to assimilate it consider how they might rise in consciousness, accelerate being, go to the core of the threefold flame and say, “Lo, I will serve my God!”

        "This is my call to you, beloved, for the planet is simply too heavy and the children are too starved and the people are so empty. There must be a rejuvenation. There must be an acceleration. There must be a movement toward infinity, eternity and actuality in God.

        "Let the violet flame and the action of the sacred fire sweep through the towns, the cities and the nations again and again. And let them know a cleansing, even as they shall surely know a purging and an action that can bring them to their knees in prayer and return to them that great strength that they once knew as pioneers when they founded this nation and other nations.

        "O beloved ones, there is tremendous opportunity for an increase in the number of people on this planet who have dedicated their minds, their hearts and their developed chakras to changing this world.

        "Do you not see every night or almost every night that star that awaits you, the star of Venus, which says: “Come home! Come home, come home, my children. This is the hour and the day for your coming.”

        "Please, join us this Sunday to continue our study.


Rev. Frank Evans

9:00 a.m. CST:  Decrees and Rosary

10:00 a.m.:  Meditation


Hymn 546: Our Beloved Sanat Kumara


Hymn 543: Praise the Lord

Decree 1.00: The keeper’s Daily Prayer

Hymn 551: Venus, Our Lady of Love

Decree 1.21: I Am the Miracle of God

Transformation Ritual # 3: Sacred Ritual for Christhood

Hymn 701: Saint Germain’s Marching Song

Scripture Lesson: John- Chpt: 17 vs 1- 26

Hymn 556:  Victory, O Victory

Teaching:  “New Beginning!”

The Teaching: The Known God Whom I declare to Be the I AM that I AM.

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Closing Hymn 599:  Be Still and Know

Closing Prayer and Benediction

Postlude: Hymn 547: Arise Shine for Thy Light is come   



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