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The Steps Not Taken

Dear Friends,

            From Paul the Venetian comes the great teaching of the day.  It is found in Vol. 25 No. 59 of the Pearls of Wisdom.  For each day is a day of refinement of our Christhood.  Each day must be a constant move forward in the perfecting of our Being.  It is the steps not taken that causes us the problems lifetime after lifetime that we must discover and follow through on.

            “Each day when you come before the altar of your I AM Presence, remember: it is the hour of sacrifice. It would be well to consider, “What shall I sacrifice upon the altar this day?”

             "Perhaps I needn’t tell you but I shall, that in order to set now a new forcefield and point of the eye of this mystical body of God moving together, we must first, of course, have had to accelerate and adjust the alignment of our own messenger. And therefore, it does become apparent in her heart that many who come here come desiring to bring bag and baggage of a former life, considering that the former attainment is also acceptable for the new matrix.

             “It is as simple as this: You cannot pour the old wine into the new bottle. You cannot say, “Montana, here I come, just as I am. Take me or leave me, but here I am!” You must also realize that there are certain ways of consciousness, certain devious ways of avoiding the encounter with your own Christ Self, that simply must go. They must go into the flame if you would truly find a new place in the sun.

            “And if you would truly rise in chelaship and follow the seven chohans to the heart of the Maha Chohan, you must come up higher. In fact, this higher ground is a compelling of the LORD that will also keep away those who have thought to indulge the outer senses in the presence of our angels.

            “And therefore, see how the mountain calls! And the call of love is to those who respond to a vibration that is compelling. And contained within itself is the ray of love that shows each one the blessed teaching, each one how to do better and more and therefore unfold that golden light which Helios and Vesta hold in store for each and every one.

           “My service to life and to you, then, is to show you the way of love, especially to coalesce the teachings of the Lords of the First and the Second Ray. For here at the point of love is the leap, then, into the fiery core of Serapis Bey, and then the going forth therefrom to bring into precipitation, by the light of the fifth, the sixth, and the seventh rays, all that has been builded from within.

           “Why, this is the moment to step forth and to realize that no longer are thoughts or dreams or wishes to be left in jars upon a shelf and admired as a collection of some long-lost culture of ancient Egypt or Greece or China. Now these vessels come alive. They are dancing vessels! They are the singing hearts of chelas. And the mystery of the within, the message of good fortune, the mantra that is stolen away, hid there by Buddhists who also pray, may now become a daily experience. And this, ah this—this, my beloved, becomes the magnet to draw here, then, other souls and magnets who are of those who espouse the sacred labor and, not in words but in the labor of the soul and the heart, do teach what is the component of being and of life.”

            Please join us this Sunday in our study of the Paul the Venetian’s teaching on The Steps Not Taken, and often resisted, that cause us to come up short. This is a great study in your understanding and preparation for your ascension.

In His love,

Rev. Carl Showalter

9:00 a.m. CDT:  Decrees and Rosary

10:00 a.m.:  Meditation


Hymn  215:  Paul the Venetian


Hymn 351:  Blessed Heros and Amora—Elohim of Love

My Witness:  Rev. Linda Czaplinski

1.  I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God (3x)

2.  I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God for I and my Father are one.

     I and my Father are one.

     I and my Father are one.

3.  I AM in the Father and the Father is in me.

     I AM in the Father and the Father is in me.

     I AM in the Father and the Father is in me.

     For I AM unto the Father as a cup of water is unto the ocean.

     I and my Father are one.

4.  I AM perfect for God within me is perfect.

     I AM perfect health.

     I AM complete joy.

     I AM pure love.

     I AM vibrant and energetic.

     I AM the abundant life fulfilled

     Because God in me is all these things.

     I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God.

Hymn 216:  A Ballad from Beloved Paul the Venetian

Sacred Ritual for Keepers of the Flame

Hymn 175:  The Balm of Gilead

Scripture Lesson:  John 2:1-11

Hymn 223A:  Let Love Be the Dividing of the Way

Pastoral Prayer

Meditation:  Do You Hear by Mark Forrest

The Teaching: The Steps Not Taken

Holy Communion – Alleluia

Love Offering: Our Gifts of Thanksgiving


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Closing Hymn 521:  Love’s Victory

Closing Prayer and Benediction  



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