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Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Light,

        It is said that St. Francis of Assisi inspired the Italian Renaissance, one of the greatest cultural revolutions the world has ever seen. His profound love for the beauty of nature sparked Italian painters to bring naturalism again into their work. His value for humanity also roused the Renaissance's own movement towards humanism. He was an inspiration not only during his lifetime, but also to consequent eras and cultural movements as well as to our modern-day heroes.

        St. Francis de Assisi followed his calling gladly and without resentment. His Earthly sacrifices were not seen as a burden to him but as a natural path towards oneness with Creation and the Creator. His story is perhaps most powerful in that he was a young man with every worldly thing going for him:  his family was wealthy, his friends saw him as a fearless soldier, he was a natural leader, and he enjoyed the pleasures of the earth. Yet he sacrificed everything for his heartfelt beliefs and took it upon himself to care for all creation over his own well-being. By doing so, he gained much more -  a profound and enchanting harmony with all creation.

        He is a heroic example of sacrifice, selflessness, and humility and likewise, a reminder of the attainability of achieving a harmonious state of peace and unity with all creation by simply exuding love.

        This week we contemplate how can we contain the allness of God with our seemingly limited consciousness.  The idea is simple, but the practice is more difficult: seek contact with that one who lives in the Sun behind the sun of our own being―a great cosmic consciousness, a spirit of selflessness, which is the all-consuming power that will transform selfhood into Godhood.

        Please join us this Sunday at 9:00 a.m. CST for decrees and at 10:00 a.m. as we continue our study of the why walking the path of selflessness can be a key in transforming selfhood into Godhood.

In Christ’s Light, 

Rev. Mark Myers

9:00 a.m. CDT:  Decrees and Rosary

10:00 a.m. Meditation


Reading:  Our beloved Kuthumi was embodied as the divine Poverello, Saint Francis of Assisi. Francis was filled with the Holy Spirit… Kuthumi gave us his mantra, “I AM Light,” for us to be able to develop a tremendous momentum of white light in our auras. It is to bring us to the realization that God can and does dwell within us. When we draw nigh to him, he draws nigh to us, and the angelic hosts also gather for the strengthening of our aura. Let us sing Kuthumi’s mantra, “I AM Light”…

Hymn 1:  I AM Light by Kuthumi


Hymn 453:  Enter, Jesus and Kuthumi

Hymn 454:  Kuthumi Dear

Decree 60:08:  The Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

Hymn 178: Blest Holy Spirit, Lord Maha Chohan

Transformation Ritual 2: SACRED RITUAL for Personal & Planetary Transformation through The FIVE DHYANI BUDDHAS [entire ritual]

Hymn 17:  Prayer of Saint Francis  

Scripture Lesson:  The Canticle of the Sun by Saint Francis of Assisi

Hymn 173:  Come, Blessed Light!

Teaching:  The Spirit of Selflessness

Dictation:  The All-Consuming Power That Will Transform Selfhood into Godhood (POW Vol. 58 No. 20 © C.U.T.)

Holy Communion

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Closing Hymn 587:  Adoration to the Great Central Sun

Closing Prayer and Benediction


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