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Salvation is Only Possible if the Father and I are One

Dear Friends,

            Our beloved Jesus gave a dictation at Easter 1993 in which He worked with the concept of the union of Father and Son and you and me.  I feel that it is the most basic understanding of the Teachings.  It is hard to see union when we live daily in a sense of separateness.  So how do we perfect that oneness?  This is where we are going in our Study this Sunday, which is found in Vol. 36 No. 26 of the Pearls of Wisdom.  Here is how he begins the study:

            “I come to sit with thee in glory, the glory that shines from your I AM Presence. Some bask in the radiance of the Presence while others mirror in the sometimes stagnant pool of identity that which is from beneath, that which is not real, and the soul reflects the image.

            “Stagnation may not be recognized by you who call yourselves disciples on the Path. Thus I must come to show you that it is entirely possible for you to come up against stagnation on the path of your discipleship. For you have blocked the flowing stream, you have blocked the stream of sacred-fire waters descending from your I AM Presence and allowed a stagnant pool to accumulate where the light is qualified not, except with self-concern. And the self-concern of the stagnant pool is a toxic substance, toxic because not daily flushed into the violet flame, not carried away by tributaries of love distributing the descending water of Life to so many in need.

            “When you cease to give forth what you have received, then what happens?  The stream backs up, and so you receive less and less until the great waters of the Tree of Life descending become but a trickle. Then disease sets in, life turns in upon itself and there seems to be no purpose in living, no usefulness in dying.

            “And even the joyous path of walking in the footsteps of my Lord Maitreya becomes a humdrum affair wherein you seek only to perform the minimum spiritual requirements, only that which is necessary to keep one foot in the door of Maitreya’s Mystery School, and otherwise you seek to find some titillation for the senses, something apart from the sheer joy of living in the aura of my Lord Maitreya–or even Padma Sambhava. For it is as though you needed some surcease from the glare of your own God-Reality or relief from the rigors of the path that can lead to the summit of Being in this life.

            “Understand the dangers of the Path. And hear in the simple poem that the Messenger read to you ( “Does the road wind up-hill all the way?” / “Yes to the very end.” / “Will the day’s journey take the whole long day?” / “From morn to night, my friend.”)  that the days are filled and the lifetimes are filled from morning till night, from the rising to the setting sun, with the joyous service in the Lord. For much, much light descending must purify that which has gone forth before–the stream made putrid by putrid thoughts and feelings.

            “Therefore, beloved, there is a point of joy, there is a point of laughter in every day. And I speak of the joy and the laughter of you who are my disciples as I have known you and shepherded you in my own heart as we have gathered together over the centuries,  and 144 and then the other 70 and then the 144,000. And who among you can truly count who are the true disciples, ripened grapes ready to be plucked from the vine?”

            Please join us this Sunday in our study of Jesus’ teaching on “Salvation is Only Possible if the Father and I Are One.”

In His Love,

Rev. Carl Showalter

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Hymn 74: Come, Thou Almighty King


Hymn 75:  Beautiful Saviour!  King of Creation

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Hymn 60:  Jesus, Master Divine

Sacred Release—The Healing Dispensation of Krishna  Transformation Ritual #8

Hymn 453:  Enter, Jesus and Kuthumi

Scriptural Lesson: John 14:1-20

Hymn 71:  My Life is Thine

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Hymn 36:  Keep My Flame Blazing

The Teaching: Salvation is Only Possible if the Father and I are One


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