Sunday Service

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Beloved Chelas of the Masters,

            Are you scoring your victories each day? Are you aware when you are facing an initiation, and when it is complete, are you able to assess a sense of success or of a need for a do-over?  What is your plan of action to ascend?

            Our Beloved Lanello always has both profound and practical counsel for us, as he was embodied in our Earth and in our nation so very recently as a Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood.  He understands perfectly what our lives are like and he knows the challenges we face.  And he knows what it’s going to take for us to win our ascensions. 

            Come and join us this Sunday as we examine some of the teachings and ideas for practical and do-able actions, thoughts and ways of being in the world.

            It was Lanello who proclaimed and encourages us to proclaim, I AM everywhere in the Consciousness of God!    

Blessings and HeartPeace to you,

Rev. Alberta Fredricksen

9:00 to 9:50 am CDT:  Decrees and Rosary

9:50 to 10:00 am:  Meditation

10:00 am:  Welcome

Hymn #46:  God of Our Fathers


Hymn #40:  I AM the Christ in Action Here

Decree 22.07:  Affirmations taken from “The Victory of the Sons of God” by Mighty Victory

Decree 40.01:  Flood Us with Purity (3x)

Hymn #416:  The Great Divine Director

Decree 0.09A:  Arresting the Spirals of Negative Karma by the Great Divine Director

Decree 40.03:  Call for the Ascension Flame (1x through)

Decree 42.00:  Affirmations taken from a Dictation by Archangel Gabriel, 12/13/64

Hymn #50:  Gratitude

Declaration: (To be read aloud together)

I AM One with Beloved Godfre as he speaks: 

        “The flame of the Christ consciousness is the one flame that rises as a fountain of light, a tribute to all peoples and all nations who have come to this soil and this continent for the great gathering of the elect—for that time in history when, by the power of the spoken Word, ascended masters, hierarchies of light, should talk with mankind again and walk with mankind and prepare the way for the Second Coming of the Christed One in the hearts of all mankind.  This is the destiny of America: to set forth that City Foursquare that is the     foundation of the new order of the ages, the order of freedom, the order of the Aquarian age.  And from that square the pyramid of life does rise.  It remains for a people fervent in devotion to the flame to place the capstone on the pyramid of this civilization wrought by man in God and God in Man.” AMEN.  

[Godfre, The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America, p. iv; Copyright © 1975, 1976, 1977, 1983 Summit University Press]

Hymn #83:  Give of Your Best to the Master

Scripture Lesson: Matt. 24: 1-14

Hymn #517:  I Shook Lanello’s Hand

The Teaching:  How to Ascend.  Score a Victory Each Day!  

Holy Communion

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Hymn #85: Higher Ground

Closing Prayer and Benediction

Postlude: Hymn #700: Stumping for the Coming Revolution



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