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Chelas Who Would Run to

Greet the Morning Light of the Archangels

Dear Friends,

            Have you ever wondered what the Archangels do?  El Morya, in his dictation recorded in Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 18  No. 13, describes their work and challenges us to take their daily schedule and copy it for ourselves.  In our study this Sunday we will become aware of their daily work and how we can adapt it for winning our ascension in this lifetime.  Here are a few paragraphs from the latter part of the dictation that will get us started for the service this Sunday and for our training this Sunday evening.

            “With mercy and compassion I move with the Prince of Peace bestowing the kingdom of heaven to the poor in spirit, comforting those that mourn, blessing the meek with their rightful inheritance, filling those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, extending mercy to the merciful, revealing God to the pure in heart, calling the peacemakers to be the children of God, imparting the kingdom to all who are persecuted for righteousness' sake. I rejoice and I am glad in the light of ministration.  For as I anoint the body of the Lord, I behold the Christ, I am that Christ reborn.

            “Come, O Zadkiel, in freedom's joy!  Come in mercy and justice true.  Come with sphere of violet hue.  Come, O come!  Bless me through and through.  For I would be the ritual of the law that is the transmutation of every flaw of consciousness and character.  I watch now as the Archangel of Aquarius pours the liquid fires of freedom as the universal solvent of all sin and sordid selfishness.  I am washed clean by the water of the Word.  My soul is free to be and to live in eternity.  My soul is free to be the fullness of the law of the seven rays.

            “I would enter the priesthood of Melchizedek.  I would finish the course that I have set with the sealing action of the seventh ray and the ritual of the Logos he does outplay through the many actors on the stage of life.  Electrodes are they!  Of that Life particular and universal!  They tend the fires of the Archangels; they keep the flame of the Chohans.  As stars fixed in the firmament of God's being, these actors play their roles.  And the role is a giant scroll on which is written the law of life for each personal personality of the sons and daughters of God who will to be the Christ and through the Christ become emissaries of the Holy Spirit.”

            Please join us this Sunday in our study of El Morya’s teaching on “Chelas who would run to greet the Morning Light of the Archangels.

In His Love,

Rev. Carl Showalter

9:00 a.m. CDT:  Decrees and Mother Mary's Rosary

10:00 a.m.:  Meditation


Hymn 66:  To the Seven Archangels


Hymn 284: I AM Michael, Michael, Michael; Archangel of the First Ray

Decree 30.05:  I raise My Cup to Thee

Hymn 288:  Beloved Chamuel; Archangel of the Third Ray   

Sacred Ritual for Attunement with God’s Holy Will; Ashram Ritual #3, Page 28

Hymn 290:  Beloved Gabriel; Archangel of the Fourth Ray 

Scripture Lesson: Luke 2:1-20

Hymn 292; Archangel of the Fifth Ray

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 294:  Beloved Uriel; Archangel of the Sixth Ray

The Teaching:  “Chelas Who Would Run to Greet the Morning Light of the Archangels”

Holy Communion

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Closing Hymn 296: Beloved Zadkiel; Archangel of the Seventh Ray

Closing Prayer and Benediction




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