Sunday Service

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Welcome, Brothers and Sisters of the Light,

          Our Teaching will be focusing on from Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 58 No. 11, dictated by Our Beloved Saint Germain, from “Patriots! Arise”. 

          I have attached a few paragraphs for you to read and meditate upon.

        “I am most grateful, however, for the great and vast courtesy of those of you who have given of your time, your energy and your tireless love to the service of the light because you realize that the ascended masters are like you are—individually created flames of God. And while it is true that we no longer wear bodies such as you wear, I assure you that we have a consciousness of our own being in every bit, in manner and degree like that which you have.

        "And, I must say, we have a consciousness of our own being to a much larger degree, because we have expanded our consciousness, not only into those etheric memories of what we have done in the past but into the conscious love of all eternity. This means that we have glimpsed in light what we ourselves shall be in eras to come, eras yet unborn in the cosmic light.

        "Now, I realize these words may sound slightly ambiguous to those of you who are somewhat puzzled by a host of words. But if you will stop for a moment and think, this is not too difficult to apprehend. For I have merely stated that we ourselves as ascended beings look forward to a glorious future.

        "After all, blessed ones, what is immortality? Is it something which comes to an end? I think not. It is something which has neither a beginning nor an ending. Now, if it has no beginning, how can it have an ending?”

        Please, plan on joining with us this Sunday to continue our study.

Love and Light,

Rev. Frank Evans

9:00 a.m. CDT:  Decrees and Rosary

10:00 a.m.:  Meditation


Hymn 73: Praise To the Lord the Almighty


Hymn 15: The Soul’s awakening

Decree 5.01: Decree for Freedom’s Holy Light

Hymn 3: My Lovely I Am Presence

Decree 7.23: For World and Individual Freedom

Ashram Ritual #3: Sacred Ritual for Attunement of God’s Holy Will

Hymn 701: Saint Germain’s Marching Song

Scripture Lesson: Matthew- Chpt: 18 Vs 1-19

Hymn 234:  Beloved Saint Germain’s Coronation Hymn

The Teaching:  “Patriots, Arise!”

Holy Communion

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Hymn 750:  Saint Germain, Hurl! Your Miracle Pouch

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