Sacred Ritual for Attunement with God's Holy Will

Our Father, Thy Will be Done in Us

Teach Us to Love and Accept Thy Will Today
As in Thy Purest Consciousness We Pray
To Be Evermore Like Thee

Heavenly Father-Mother God:
I AM Attuning My Entire Consciousness,
Being and World to Thy Will!
I AM Thy Will Manifesting Today
On Earth as It Is in Heaven!

I AM Born of the Will of God!

Whosoever Shall Do the Will of God
The Same Is My Brother and My Sister and Mother

I AM Led by the Spirit of God!
I AM a Son of God!

O Blessed Holy Spirit
Intercede for Me and the Saints,
That We Should Know What to Pray for;
Intercede for Me and the Saints
According to the Will of God

I AM Affirming and Accepting in the Holy Spirit
That All Things Work Together for Good
To Them That Love God
To Them Who Are the Called
According to His Purpose
And I AM Grateful!



If God Be for Us, Who Can Be Against Us? (9x)

I present My Body a Living Sacrifice,
Holy, Acceptable unto God,
Which Is My Reasonable Service

I Will Not Be Conformed to This World!
I Will Be Transformed by the Renewing of My Mind,
That I May Prove What Is That Good
And Acceptable and Perfect Will of God

I AM the Servant of Christ
Doing the Will of God from the Heart

I Stand Perfect and Complete in All the Will of God

O My Lord Jesus Christ, I Call for Patience,
That after I Have Done the Will of God
I Might Receive the Promise
Of the Coming of My Lord—
My Holy Christ Self

I Shall No Longer Live
The Rest of My Time in the Flesh
To the Lusts of Men
But I Shall Live to the Will of God

I Love Not the World
Neither the Things That Are in the World
For the World Passeth Away, and the Lust Thereof:
But He That Doeth the Will of God Abideth Forever
By the Love of God, I Shall Live Forever!



I AM Awake! (9x)

O World, Awake!
Your Dusty Selves Now Shake
Purify and Rectify,
New Ways of Thought to Make! (9x)

Lo! I AM Come to Do Thy Will, O God! (9x)

Not My Will, Not My Will,
Not My Will but Thine Be Done! (9x)

The Will of God Is Good! (9x)

Sweet Surrender to Our Holy Vow

Meditation upon the God Flame:

Our will to Thee we sweetly surrender now,
Our will to God Flame we ever bow,
Our will passing into Thine
We sweetly vow.

Affirmation of the God Flame merging with the heart flame:

No pain in eternal surrender,
The Will, O God, be done.
From our hearts the veil now sunder,
Make our wills now one.

Beauty in Thy purpose,
Joy within Thy name,
Life’s surrendered purpose
Breathes Thy holy Flame.

Into mortal knowing,
On our souls bestowing
Is immortal sowing.

Thy Will be done, O God,
Within us every one.
Thy Will be done, O God—
It is a living sun.

Bestow Thy mantle on us,
Thy garment living flame.
Reveal creative essence,
Come Thou once again.

Thy Will is ever holy,
Thy Will is ever fair.
This is my very purpose,
This is my living prayer:

Come, come, come, O Will of God,
With dominion souls endow.
Come, come, come, O Will of God,
Restore abundant living now.

Copyright 1990 The Summit Lighthouse

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