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Rev. Carl Showalter

Rev. Carl Showalter, Spiritual Director

Welcome to Spiritual Awareness Fellowship! 

We are a worldwide community offering a dynamic spiritual path where you can study the spiritual teachings of the enlightened and ascended ones from East and West.  And you can participate in seminars, classes, or services without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Dear Friends,

I was asked the other day by a chela if I could ask Lanello what God's will is for his life.  And of course that is not one of those things that we give to students.  For they have their Master and we are not free to get between the two of them.  Questions such as, “What is God's will for me?  What is my life plan?  How much karma have I balanced?  Should I marry my friend that I am in love with?  Am I going to make my transition soon?  Have I balanced 51% of my karma?  Who is my Master? 

I could go on and on with questions that are asked constantly by students of the Ascended Masters.  Of course, behind each of these questions is the deep desire to be in the will of God.  To be in the will of God brings freedom, joy, self-assurance and the ability to make the right decisions on most all questions.  For to be in the flow, in attunement with the Holy Spirit, to be manifesting the Christ self and the I AM Presence, means that the answer is already there.  As the Bible says, "Even before you ask the Father knows what you need of”—the Father through the Holy Spirit through the I AM Presence and Holy Christ self.  Thus the answer truly comes from within. 

So how do we become proficient with the "within?”  That is the question that we must get to.  And in our deeper moments, we have each one heard the still small voice, or have had that hunch that if we followed it, saved our life, or our business, or our family.  Yes, we have built in the wherewithal to know the will of God.  As we learn to listen to the still small voice, we will be able to ask the Master for the answer that others cannot give you, or best not give you. 

We have had many experiences where others have tried to tell us what their master wanted us to do.  But each of us are supposed to sit under our own "vine and fig tree" or get the answer for ourselves.  And there is no one who can bring to you God's will.  We must go within to learn that for ourselves.  This is part of what salvation is all about.

So begin to enjoy the silence.  Begin to write down the thoughts that come to you while communing with your God Presence.  Keep a diary and write in it each day what occurs to you.  Ask some questions and note the answers.  As you praise God and thank Him for all His goodness to you, you will see that the light will get brighter and brighter for the Christ is within you and so is the Father.  We must become their manifestations unto the world.


REV. CARL SHOWALTER is our Spiritual Director and has been teaching spiritual principles for over 55 years. He has a BA degree from Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana and an MTh degree from Bethany Theological Seminary in Chicago.

Carl has appeared on over 1100 radio and TV talk shows and has established spiritual development groups and held seminars and training retreats throughout the world. He currently lives in Ecuador and speaks weekly at our Fellowship via the Internet.

Carl has been in the training field for most of his career, working with adults and youth in developing the awareness of the higher gifts that open the creative nature of man. He travels internationally presenting lectures, seminars, and workshops.

Carl Showalter co-founded the Inner Peace Movement.  He then moved on to participate in an avant-garde spiritual community, and now brings all of his knowledge and experience together to assist others in creating a better world, for themselves and each other.

Carl is also the founder and director of Quantum Living Institute, through which he offers ministerial training courses.  He conducts ministerial intensives for ministers and for those working toward ordination through The Mystical Order of the Divine Presence, a non-sectarian spiritual order. He is a trained hospital chaplain and specializes in assisting those who are transitioning from this life.

His warm, personable manner and his knowledge of higher mystical teachings and the mastery of life have made him a welcomed speaker and leader of retreats, seminars, conferences and spiritual services.

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